Wednesday, 29 June 2011

frankie boyle - my shit life so far

What it says on the front. A lot funnier than most comedians autobiographies, and he also recommends comics (as in reading) to get. What's not to like?
He has had issues with his put downs to a parent with a Down Syndrome child, and the Daily Mail tried hounding him about his 'near the knuckle' humour, but l'm not sure where l stand on this, as l do think you should be able to make fun of anything, as long as it is funny. This however, opens up the can of worms that is racism and bullying, so it is a bit of a conundrum. Stuff should be judged on whether it is funny or not, even if it is close to the bone, so l would like to think the racist or bullying jokes would be ignored/put down/vilified for the simple fact they are not funny, just embarrassing. Then again, l am just an old stinking hippie libertarian.

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