Monday, 27 June 2011

eric burdon and civil war hair - what is it good for?

As the bloody weather is back to it's usual performance (cloudy skies, although it is warm), l have been indoors amusing myself, which does not take a lot. I am currently listening to Eric Burdon and his 'Declares War' album, which got me to thinking about the whiskers/facial hair in the American Civil War (as you do), and the photos above, which l have had stashed away for a while. They knew how to cut a jib back in those days l can tell you. Amazingly enough, l bet they probably had women as well, but that, l cannot confirm. I do know that their first names are Ambrose, Alpheus, Alexander, Abram and Adelbert. Which one is which, l can't be bothered posting, but l do know. Why their names all start with the letter 'A', l don't know, as the surnames are not in order. Maybe it was all the rage for some reason. It requires some vigorous investigation, but l am not the man to do it, as life is too short, and l am still worn out from yesterdays exertions.
Eric has just finished, so it's off for another record and more amusement.

toodle pip

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