Tuesday, 14 June 2011

carlito's way (1993)

Bloody typical isn't it? Just as l am about to go back to work after having along weekend off, the sunshine appears and it is hot enough to sunbathe in the garden with the idiot rabbit, (which is what l have just been doing).
As it is so warm, it woke me up early, so after listening to some music, l got up and watched Carlito's Way, another one of Al Pacino's gangster films, but at least he was trying to go straight in this one. Sean Penn played a good role as his attorney, looking more like Art Garfunkel, rather than what Sean Penn usually looks like.
It was a really good film, which captured the sleazy side of New York in the middle of the 1970's, when there was a lot of cocaine and discos, which is always a dodgy combination.
Al Pacino was excellent as always, but Shaun Penn is someone l have grown to be impressed by, as l couldn't stand him years ago, but has matured into a really convincing actor (Milk (2008), I Am Sam (2001), Dead Man Walking (1995).
Just a shame l have to go to work soon, l could get used to this lifestyle way too easily.

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