Wednesday, 29 June 2011

batman - alan moore - the killing joke

I have re-read this again (it came out in 1988) as it is without doubt and absolutely certainly (is that the same thing?) one of the best short graphic novels ever printed. The Joker and his crew goes on one of his rampages, they all end up in an amusement park, and sanity is tested, along with ethical codes, especially Commissioner Gordon's. As Pop Will Eat Itself sang, Alan Moore certainly does know the score. It is also the story where Barbara Gordon (due to what happens in the story) finishes her stint as Batgirl, although she later became Oracle. My copy has been signed by the great man himself (Alan Moore, not Batman), so l have a tenuous connection to him. Anyone who does not like or enjoy this is a blithering idiot. There! - l've said it now. Get with the beat.

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