Tuesday, 21 June 2011

barry and stuart in darlington

They finished the show with this X Ray machine stunt.

Went off to super Darlo on Sunday night to see Barry and Stuart at the Inside Out Club. Felt like l was taking the kids out on a day trip/adventure, as Lonni, Emma and Craig all came along for the ride. At least the FPO is closer to their age (obviously, as l would never go with someone my own age - that's just disgusting).
We all went for a drink opposite Joe Rigatoni's first, and bumped into Becky and her mate from work. This then evolved into Walter the pisser and Les the sailor boy joining us for a quick one, before we set off to Perrys (where Inside Out is).
Enjoyed the show, but there was not as much blood and gore as l would have liked, and we were sat right at the back (although it is still pretty close to the stage). As expected, it was a 50/50 mixture of comedy and magic, but it would have been better if we had been right at the front, or if one of the girls had been called on stage to assist with a trick, which they secretly would have loved, despite their denials.
The girls (and Craig) had their photos taken with Barry and Stuart after the show, so they were pretty pleased about that, although they had to be crowbarred away from them afterwards, (especially Craig).
Also chatted to Emma for a while about the stuff she witnessed with her mother when she was younger. This was around at a friends house, and was was pretty amazing, although l won't go into it here (and no, it wasn't abuse). No wonder so many people are messed up.
Another fine and splendid night out for all the family and our assorted crew, plus we even got home at a sensible time (11.15pm).
And l have no work until 3pm on Thursday. Hurrah!!

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