Thursday, 30 June 2011

muhammed ali - attica state prison poem and the lighting of the olympic torch

What a handsome, cool, hard, funny and intelligent guy he was.
It bought a tear to my eye seeing him carrying the Olympic torch in 1996.

Still cheated 'Our 'Enry' out of a title though.

And another thing......... People can be crazy. Here's a post on You Tube after an Ali clip.

@dudetube911 He is a great human being, and I believe God loves Ali so much that he made Ali suffer from the disease so all his sins could be burnt away and so Ali can go to heaven as a pure soul because he deserves it.

So, if l have understood this right, the good people that God loves the most are the ones who he makes suffer the most to burn away sins. Hasn't he heard of repenting for your sins?. Idiot.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

status quo - paper plane and down down advert

Something l never get sick of. Quo sounded so good back in the day, when they sounded like a real heavy (maaaan) rock band. The difference in the sound of this compared to the 'Rocking all over the World' album does not bear thinking about.
Things have changed since l were a lad, jumpers for goalposts, leaving the front doors open, looking after your own etc etc.

On another Quo topic, what kind of hellish advert is this?
Lie down time soon

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batman - alan moore - the killing joke

I have re-read this again (it came out in 1988) as it is without doubt and absolutely certainly (is that the same thing?) one of the best short graphic novels ever printed. The Joker and his crew goes on one of his rampages, they all end up in an amusement park, and sanity is tested, along with ethical codes, especially Commissioner Gordon's. As Pop Will Eat Itself sang, Alan Moore certainly does know the score. It is also the story where Barbara Gordon (due to what happens in the story) finishes her stint as Batgirl, although she later became Oracle. My copy has been signed by the great man himself (Alan Moore, not Batman), so l have a tenuous connection to him. Anyone who does not like or enjoy this is a blithering idiot. There! - l've said it now. Get with the beat.

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frankie boyle - my shit life so far

What it says on the front. A lot funnier than most comedians autobiographies, and he also recommends comics (as in reading) to get. What's not to like?
He has had issues with his put downs to a parent with a Down Syndrome child, and the Daily Mail tried hounding him about his 'near the knuckle' humour, but l'm not sure where l stand on this, as l do think you should be able to make fun of anything, as long as it is funny. This however, opens up the can of worms that is racism and bullying, so it is a bit of a conundrum. Stuff should be judged on whether it is funny or not, even if it is close to the bone, so l would like to think the racist or bullying jokes would be ignored/put down/vilified for the simple fact they are not funny, just embarrassing. Then again, l am just an old stinking hippie libertarian.

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some great adverts

Very clever indeed.

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the front of the house

It's Hiroshima all over again.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

some recent films l've seen - frankenstein (1931)

By jove, it looks like all l do is watch old black and white films, but l assure you this is not the case. However, as an addition to my earlier posts, l have also just watched Frankenstein again, starring Boris Karloff as the ultimate Frankenstein's monster (in my eyes). The (rather brilliant) flat head and bolt through the neck look was created by Universal make up artist Jack Pierce, although James Whale states he created sketches for it. To think it was originally going to star Bela Lugosi, it does not bear thinking about. I prefer the Mary Shelley novel, which has a lot more detail, and helps you understand the monster and his viewpoint, but this is based on the 1927 Peggy Webling play (where the creature was first called Frankenstein), so there are loads of differences from the original text. However, it is always great seeing Boris wandering around with all the slap on. Not a great film, but a classic non the less. It reminds me of making plastic models of Frankenstein and Dracula when l was a kid (which glowed in the dark). You all know the routine..... Professor Henry (Victor in the novel) Frankenstein (Colin Clive) creates a monster, and it all goes pear shaped afterwards. And Maria (Marilyn Harris), the farmers young daughter gets thrown into the lake (restored in the version I saw). Hurrah!

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some recent films l've seen - dracula (1931)

Obviously as l am a a sad old git, l have a soft spot for the 1922 Nosferatu film starring Max Schreck, but l also like this version. Bela Lugosi is excellent as Dracula, as his mad accent actually suits the role of the Transylvanian count. Saying that, I also love the 1979 remake of Nosferatu starring Klaus Kinski, so l have no idea what l am on about. Maybe not as good as the CBBC series Young Dracula, as l used to love that on a Saturday morning, but it passes the time. l won't bother with the story, as let's face it, everyone knows it, although this film is based on the stage play by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston, (which is of course, based on the 1897 book by Bram Stoker). I wouldn't really recommend this film too much to other people, but l grew up watching this stuff, so Bela Lugosi, Max Schreck and Klaus Kinski are the authentic Draculas in my eyes.

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some recent films l've seen - all quiet on the western front (1930)

Based on the Erich Maria Remarque novel, l prefer this adaptation to the later (1979) film with John Boy ( Richard Thomas) from the Waltons, even if this one is very dated. A German schoolteacher encourages his class to do their duty for The Fatherland in World War I, but they soon get to experience the horrors of war. Lew Ayres stars as Paul Baumer, the lads unofficial leader, (as they all look up to him), but when he gets injured and returns home, he is disgusted that people are still glorifying the war. He even contradicts his old schoolteacher in front of his class, much to their displeasure. The film also rams the point home about how men should just get along and help each other, how we are all the same, and how futile the conflicts are, but cracks along, and is finished in no time (to me anyway). Superb.

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some recent films l've seen - beau geste (1939)

This is the film l relate to about when l think about adaptations of the book (by P. C. Wren). It stars Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and Robert Preston, and is obviously in black and white. It's slightly stilted, and pretty upper class, but that is the point of the film, ie 'doing what is right'. It is confusing at first, when the French Foreign Legion reach the fort to find everyone dead, but it has a good twist at the end, both with the fort (and what happened there) and the missing jewel. A fine way to spend a couple of hours on a miserable day.

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Monday, 27 June 2011

my highlights of glastonbury - jessie j (price tag) - chase and status (blind faith) - janelle monae (come alive, war of the roses)

My favourite songs from what l have seen on TV from this years festival (and l have seen a lot).

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michael kalish - muhammad ali punchbag sculpture

This was made by suspending punch bags in such a way that they looked random, until you go to the front, where you suddenly realise that it is Ali. Very clever, but l don't think it will fit in the spare room.

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patti smith and robert maplethorpe

This is when they were living in New York before fame beckoned, and when they were still poor.
Just check out how skinny they were. They would not have been able to afford the rents that are charged nowadays, that's for sure, as it's all turning mightily upmarket (unfortunately). Saying that, they could have been squatting when this photo was taken, l don't have a lot of information about it (and, as usual, l am too lazy to find out).

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eric burdon and civil war hair - what is it good for?

As the bloody weather is back to it's usual performance (cloudy skies, although it is warm), l have been indoors amusing myself, which does not take a lot. I am currently listening to Eric Burdon and his 'Declares War' album, which got me to thinking about the whiskers/facial hair in the American Civil War (as you do), and the photos above, which l have had stashed away for a while. They knew how to cut a jib back in those days l can tell you. Amazingly enough, l bet they probably had women as well, but that, l cannot confirm. I do know that their first names are Ambrose, Alpheus, Alexander, Abram and Adelbert. Which one is which, l can't be bothered posting, but l do know. Why their names all start with the letter 'A', l don't know, as the surnames are not in order. Maybe it was all the rage for some reason. It requires some vigorous investigation, but l am not the man to do it, as life is too short, and l am still worn out from yesterdays exertions.
Eric has just finished, so it's off for another record and more amusement.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

the bastard garden and the brother in law

Lighting a bonfire the Dazzer way (with petrol)

Still looking good - sadly it went out

The branches and leaves from the front garden

Another view

Yet more

The grass in the back garden before l cut it

I was at work this morning, but as it was a sunny day, l thought l would crack on when l got home and cut the grass in the back garden, so l could relax in the hammock afterwards. I was doing this (cutting the grass) when Louise and Dazzer (and her that shall not be named) called in. When l was cutting the grass, Dazzer disappeared out the front and started cutting down our bushes (which luckily, we wanted doing). All well and good, but when l finished my energy sapping chores, l got roped into hours of extra work helping him. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!
I am not used to manual work, and am not afraid to admit it, so l was cursing all afternoon. Then the FPO suggested they stay for tea! And they had the cheek to accept! I am going to have words with the FPO, and she shall experience my wrath. So, not only did Dazzer wear me out, but they ate us out of house and home as well. Then we couldn't get the bonfire/rubbish to ignite, even with petrol, so the garden looks worse than when l started. The front of the house looks like Hiroshima after the bomb, and l have cuts all over my legs. Bastards! The door will be bolted the next time they show their faces.

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

coldplay tonight

let's see if they can live up to this

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glastonbury again

Pictures are from The Guardian
It's the worlds first middle class refugee camp. I'm glad l am working tomorrow night.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

u2 at glastonbury

So there is meant to be some kind of action tonight by 'Art Uncut, the offshoot of the anti-tax avoidance protest franchise UK Uncut which has succeeded in closing down dozens of banks and high-street stores in recent months' to protest at U2 and their tax avoidance. Obviously l may look very foolish tomorrow, but l predict nothing will happen, it's just a lot of hype and publicity, which will turn out to be nonsense.
Amazingly enough, l have been known to be wrong about stuff in the past, but not this time.
I also predict Bono will get soaked like in the photo above. It is summer time, after all, what more do you expect?
Trust me on this, l'm a doctor.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

paul weller at pretty green

Paul Weller has designed some stuff for Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green label, which probably worked out well for both of them (more here,GK1A,3VTB5K,1CJRX,1&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-Oyj8yRri8BhBD3mHJ28xtg). Liam worships Weller, and being involved with this, Weller can still think of himself as a style icon.
Well l have news for Mr Weller, the clothes are overpriced and look crap. If he is taking the piss, good luck to him, but l can't believe he thinks lads are going to shell out and wear this stuff.
On second thoughts, what am l thinking? Of course lads will shell out for it, because it will be 'trendy'. Weller could have put anything on the shelves with his and Liam's name on and it would still sell.
But for how long l wonder.....The emperors new clothes and all of that malarky. Still, if there's money to be made from sycophantic sheep, crack on.
I actually do like the Pretty Green t-shirts, but l don't think they are worth the money. Then again, what do l know, l'm only an old stinking hippie.

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