Monday, 9 May 2011

walk home from work

I went to get the bus home early from work today, only to discover the bus timetables have changed. As it was a nice day l decided to have a walk home, listening to the latest 'Adam and Joe' podcast on the way, even though l could have got a taxi, or strolled back from whence l came, done a bit more work, then got a lift home at 3pm, as someone was going my way then (but l am getting fit for the holidays and all that). While l was walking along, minding my own business, an athletic looking black guy came running past me. God knows where from, as it was pretty much as soon as l started. Now l don't know if l was walking home pretty quickly, but this guy was sprinting ahead so far then stopping and walking for a bit to compose himself, before sprinting off again. It turned into a mad game of tag, without him realising, as l kept just about catching him up all the way home. He did not look round, and was not aware l was so close to him on a few occasions, and l would have also overtaken him just past the Colburn Lodge if l had not crossed over the road and walked through the woods (obviously hoping he would follow me and bum me). Either he is rubbish at running, or l walk pretty fast when l get my gander up.

I then cut the grass when l got home. I think l must have a fever or something (or l am still on a high from Manchester United beating Chelsea 2-1 yesterday to pretty much clinch the title ( one point now needed from the last two games).

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