Tuesday, 10 May 2011

spiral series 3

This has been great. I haven't watched any of the other series (yet) but after being on so many sites where people were raving about this, l thought l would give it a go on the good old BBC iPlayer (Hurrah for the fact we are living in the space age). I have just finished watching 6 episodes (one straight after the other), as that is the kind of guy l am, plus l have no work again until Friday. It is very similar to 'The Killing'' in that there is a murder at the start, there is a strong willed (but slightly unhinged) female police woman leading the investigation, and there are corrupt government officials. I am off to bed now, but shall continue my viewing tomorrow afternoon, unless it is really nice weather, in which case l will be off to Richmond /shops/pub (in that order) and watch the rest in the evening.

toodle pip

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