Saturday, 21 May 2011

rutland weekend television - bob dylan pisstake

When l were but a nipper, l used to love Monty Python's Flying Circus (even though a lot of it was shite). Later on, there was Rutland Weekend Television, which was also pretty much hit and miss as far as the comedy went. One thing l do like to think l remember, was taping Rutland Weekends parody of The Old Grey Whistle Test, which l thought included a piss take off Bob Dylan. After buying a bootleg DVD of the series, l realised it was not on that show. I then thought l was going insane, and couldn't think of where l had originally seen it. Sanity was restored however, as it was on a later episode with the same Whistle Test piss taking (but with the real Bob Harris ). It turns out my memory is not too messed up after all. Now if l could only remember where l left my heroin, l could be high as a kite pretty damn soon.

Here is the script for the song, which some mad fool posted
THE REAL BOB HARRIS: So there we are. Those were of course the Fabulous Bingo Brothers. And make a note that very soon ... we'll be having an entire Whistle Test program without them. ... Well, here's our last studio guest tonight, who needs no introduction from me, so until next week, goodnight.    (He grins and looks offscreen. Fade to the studio. Raymond Onassis [Neil Innes] walks on, performing a number Neil is pretty well known for. He wears shades, a mouth harmonica, a light blue jacket, light blue pants, and that red and green cap he wears a lot in these shows.)    PROTEST SONG  Words and Lyrics by Neil Innes  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------    NEIL:  Uh, this next number is a protest song.  (He tunes his guitar for ages.)  Uh, I've suffered for my music, and ... now it's your turn.   (He plays a terrible harmonica solo, then sings a la Bob Dylan:)  All the prophets of doom   can always find room   In a world full of worry and fear   Tip cigarettes and chemistry sets   And rudolph the red-nosed reindeer   So I'm goin back to my little old shack   And drink me a bottle of wine   That was mis en bouteille before my birthday   And have me a fantastic time   Rain on a tin roof sounds like a drum   We're marching for freedom today   Yeay   Turn on your headlights and sound your horn   If people get in the way  (Another terrible harmonica solo.)   Let me turn you on to the chromium swan   On the nose of a long limousine   Even hired for the day  It is something to say   But what the hhehhellll does it mean   I may be accused of being confused   But I'm average weight for my height   My philosophy  Like color tv   Is all there in black and white   RAAAAAAINN on a tin roof sounds like a drum   We're marching for freedom today   Yeay!   Turn on your headlights and sound your horn (toot toot)  If people get in the way    (He plays one last loooong harmonica note, falling out of frame, then comes back into frame and ends it. He gives the beast sign, then bumps into the microphone. He can't see in those shades!)    (Back to host Bridget, overwhelmed by flowers, and still smiling.)    BRIDGET: Well, that's about the size of it. Rutland Weekend is closing down now, so until next week, goodnight everybody!

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