Friday, 20 May 2011

manchester united 19 times flag at liverpool

This was unfurled at Liverpools last home game of the season (against Spurs). Class. Here's a quote from one of the lads that did it.

We’d been planning this for years and i’m buzzin it’s come off. We’d gotten 2 tickets in the Anfield upper and got the banner made on Friday. As we walked up towards the ground i had the biggest ****in grin on me head knowing we were about to pull it off. My only worry was not getting in with it. I shouldn’t have worried. A few beers on the concourse and we waited for YNWA to start as that was our signal to go. We walked down to the front of the teir and unfurled it. We had to hold it up cos there was nothing to tie it onto and it was up for for roughly 40 seconds before i got launched by the stewards. A bit of spit and that was all. It was a ****in scouse slag that spat at me too i think

Fair play to the Spurs fans who were buzzin and we threw it down into their end. Afterwards we walked round the ground and then had a couple of pints near Goodison with an Everton lad my mate knew and got a call saying their lads were looking for us. Not suprising really is it!

toodle pip

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