Monday, 16 May 2011

have l got news for you

I watched this weeks episode of HIGNFY (with Richard Herring as a panellist) and thought it was pretty good. No great news there, but myself and the FPO were discussing how quick the replies on the show were (l think she was trying to hint they were funnier than me). I obviously do not believe this to be the case, and argued about it being edited, so they would have had a lot longer to think of replies. Later on, reading Richard Herring's blog about it ( ), he confirmed that the show takes about two hours of recording time, which is then cut down to half an hour. In fact, there was a bit about him asking out one of the other panellists 20 years ago, which was said when the show was over, but the cameras continued to record them. This was then edited into the show to make it look as though it was during it. WHHHAAAATTTT??????? I always thought l could trust TV shows - my illusions are shattered, but at least l am still funnier than most of the panellists (I tip my hat to Paul Merton).

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