Tuesday, 3 May 2011

bob gruen photography

There was a great programme on Sky Arts about Bob Gruen, which made me so very jealous of the man. I was caught up with the rock and roll mythology and music, especially from the early 1960's to the present, and Bob Gruen was pretty much there to capture a load of the stuff l loved (and still do) with his photographs.
He has loads of iconic ones, such as John Lennon in a New York City t-shirt, but one of my favourites is the shot he took of Tina Turner with a one second delay. That one really captures the energy and passion of a great show.
He admits himself that he is not that great at capturing the moment in focus, but he was more concerned with the spark that sometimes shows itself, after all, who cares about being too precise if the energy and enthusiasm is there. He also had a cool looking apartment/workplace, with a wall of CD's.
I should have tried photography when l was younger, because l certainly can't write, sing, or play anything, and it may have granted me access to all the rock and roll shenanigans that went on. Mind you, with that kind of involvement,l would have been dead by now.


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