Monday, 23 May 2011

another fine weekend - debs do and united are champions

Had a marvellous old time at the weekend. Been in for most of it, but went round to Deb and Rooks for Debbie's birthday do, as they had a BBQ (surprise). All went well until Deb fell and banged herself against the chimera (guilty party above), which resulted in a short trip to the hospital for some glue to a small cut. The FPO and Rook went with her, so l hung around a bit more, then buggered off home when l got the chance to sneak off.
On the Sunday, it was 'Premiership Survival Sunday' according to Sky, but l was just interested in The Manchester United against Blackburn game (4-2 win). This meant Blackpool went down, which is a bit of a shame, but United kept up their great home record this season (15 successive wins). It was great to see Evra with the Cantona flag, stuff like that keeps the history of the club alive.
All this and the new series of Family Guy - get in!
Now if we can just beat Barcelona nthis weekend.....

toodle pip

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