Friday, 1 April 2011

Drink! Feck! And the CEO!!!!

My idiotic FPO has a blog and was writing a draft for it, but foolishly put this amongst my stuff, so l am uploading it to show how mad she is. That'll teach her to be more careful in the future!

I am only writing because I have not updated for so long - this is down to my tendency to procrastinate (think I have already mentioned that) and in contradiction; too much Goddamn work (work - work) and work (college - work) means that I would much rather spend any spare time watching, oh so much insipid mind-destroying crap on the goggle box. I know Americas Next Top Model is shite, I know Four Weddings in absolute Poo, yes, I know Katie is bollocks, and of course I know Master Chef (cooking doesn't get tougher than this!!) is just SO ......................... well, undignified.........!

toodle pip

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