Friday, 29 April 2011

vintage trouble - blues hand me down on later with jools holland

By jimminy, these were great. One of the moments when you think 'YEEEESSSSS!!!!!! -GET IN MY SON!!!'

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I must be one of the last people left who had not seen Avatar, but l rectified that anomaly a couple of days ago. l had been putting it off as it was just soooo long, and it turned out that it was too long for my liking. l feel as though a lot of it was padded out just to show off the 3D effects in the cinema, and l do regret not going to see it at the cinema in all it's 3D glory, but even so. At one stage, l thought it was about to finish, checked the Sky+ box and discovered there was still an hour left. DAMN!!!!!!!
Otherwise, it was OK, but too obvious from the start. It came as no surprise that the avatar decided to fight for the forest people, fall in love, gain acceptance, fight the baddie military man in his robotic fighting suit etc. I also disliked the robotic fighting suit at the end , as it reminded me of the one at the end of District 9 (and l thought that spoiled the end of that film). If l want to watch large robotic fights, l will go and watch something like Transformers, but l am not twelve and a half (despite all evidence to the contrary)
Still, glad l have eventually seen it so l can now participate when other people rave on about it, even if it is only to argue with them and slag it off.

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movie poster trends - write over the picture

I guess this is now fashionable and trend setting in the world of movie promotion. Yawn.

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let the right one in (2008)

This was a pretty decent film, even if it did contain young kids and vampires (never mix the two). It is a Swedish film from 2008 by Tomas Alfredson. Based on the book of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist. It is slow moving, pretty dark, and also has subtitles, so it's A1 in my like list.
A young boy being bullied in school inadvertently befriends a vampire who has moved in the adjoining apartment to his own. Bloodshed occurs, but it is not too horrific, just a bit strange, which also appealed to me. I suppose l should give the FPO some credit for ordering it, it makes a change when l like one of her horror films, she normally watches crap or cookery programmes.

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wanted film (2008)

This is a shoot em up superhero kind of film that was recommended to me by someone (hello Karen) at work. The FPO watched it and thought it was great, so watched it again with me when l eventually got round to it last night. l did enjoy it, but l was not that bothered about it really. In fact when l did watch it, l remembered some parts from when l must have been flicking through TV channels at some time, but it obviously did not capture my imagination or attention enough to keep watching at the time.
It is loosely based on the comics by Mark Millar, and it stars James McAvoy as the trainee killer, and Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman as his trainers. It was to do with revenging a fathers death and learning how to bend bullets around objects, but l won't give the plot away. OK to watch, but l would rather see something else.

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sir bobby charlton and united busby babes documentaries

I have had a great week of watching the footie while off work, and also having the pleasure of watching these two documentaries on Manchester United, the Munich air disaster, and Sir Bobby Charlton.
The United Busby Babes documentary focused on Bobby Charlton and Jimmy Murphy, played by Jack O'Connell and David Tennant. I thought there were the odd innacuracies during it, such as how far out of the aeroplane the aircraft chair contaning Bobby Charlton was, but the main thing that bugged me was Sir Matt Busby (played by Dougray Scott) coming across like a Scottish gangster, losing most of his warmth.
The Sir Bobby Charlton documenmtary that was shown tonight was really good, it was emotional with him talking about Munich and Duncan Edwards, but Sir Alex Ferguson and Franz Beckenbauer both said Bobby was the best player in the world at one time (1966 ish).
This was all topped off with the great win against Shalke 04 - what a superb week (although it certainly helps when l am not at work).

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

david bowie on lift off with ayshea 1972

And as a follow on to the last photo, here's Bowie on Lift Off With Ayshea, a weekly programme starring Ayshea Brough that featured current hits (l remember seeing The Rolling Stones doing 'It's Only Rock and Roll' on it when l where but a nipper). Bowie is performing Starman (not the Whistle Test clip usually shown) when this photo was taken and stardom was directly in front of him.
Happy days.

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david bowie at an los angeles party 1971

This is when he was still trying to make it after slogging away for years. Then lo and behold, the next year he was a massive star with the Ziggy look. Then it was a roller coaster ride to cocaine oblivion (before getting better).

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amazing spider-man new franchise film

I have been on a site tonight where they have been discussing the new Thor film, and Marvel Comics films in general (I know, l am a sad git).
One of the many things that bugs me about the first Spider-man film is the fact Gwen Stacy does not get killed by the Green Goblin, like she does in the comic books 121 and 122, two of the greatest comics known to man (OK, l am very sad and l will get my coat in a minute).
According to Wikipedia, there is a new film about to come out which will re-boot the franchise, with a different Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson etc. I am really looking forward to this as l am hoping it will be done properly, and as a bonus, it will be in 3D. Hurrah!! Fetch my 3D glasses!!! (and I will get my coat now)

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

messi does it again real madrid 0 barcelona 2

What a second goal that was. I have been saying it for a long time, Messi is easily the best player in the world. Ronaldo is great, but Messi is a genius with that football at his feet. Unless there are some major fuck ups, it looks like it's going to be a Manchester United v Barcelona final again. This will be the second time in three years and they both lost in the semi finals last year - what a record.

thelma and loise

Take a look at the sight that was outside my front door on Sunday night - Thelma and Louise. No wonder l have issues.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

joy to the world - its holiday time and manchester united are nearly in the final

I have finished work and am now on holiday until next Friday - Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!
A great start to my time off was watching Manchester United destroy Shalke 04 tonight. It was away from home and United won 2-0, but they should have scored loads more. The game was controlled by United from the start and they made it look all too easy. Looks like the Final is now on, unless there is a massive upset in the return leg next week. By the time l go back to work, United should be through, as well as (hopefully) beating Arsenal at the weekend. Excellent.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

working during easter

Rather sadly, while just about everyone has been off over Easter, l have been working every day. It has not been too bad though, as the phone has hardly rang, and l have had hardly any emails (with more work to do). It has therefore felt like a holiday, and l managed to get out and about a lot, snapping the above shots. The statue is in Catterick Village, and the traffic jams where leading onto Scotch Corner. Easter summed up right there.

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melody maker and mr agreeable

I used to love Melody Maker in the 1990's, and especially Mr Agreeable. Even better was the 'At home with Liam and Patsy' part, with the great photo of Patsy Kensit carrying the shopping bags like she is a scumbag from a council estate, rather than a 'movie' star. Pure class and really funny just about every week. This page is from 1996.

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macys 1908

This is Macy's store in 1908 at Broadway and 34th street. It all looks a bit different now.

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man to woman

This is why you have to be very, very careful who you chat up.

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

heroin advert

You don't see these ads much nowadays

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

super boro on friday

Another fun day for all the family on Friday. Went through to Middlesbrough and out into town with Robbo and Kerry. It was not as busy as l expected, but we had a laugh and went for a meal at Al Fornos. Stopped off at The Southern Cross on the way back (well, me and Robbo did, the girls carried on home), and that place was heaving, something to do with a charity event they do. Robbo then got some takeaway and we headed back and sat up for a bit.
Up about 9am and sat around choosing villas for the next holiday, which is going to be in Portugal. drove back so l could watch United v Everton before (sadly) heading off to work (in about two minutes).
Stone me, what a life

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

the earth rises - view from the moon

These are the sort of photos that make space exploration worthwhile, even if it is only to remind mankind how insignificant we are.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

beyond the moon and knocking on heavens door

These were two of the documentaries l watched over the weekend. Both were interesting and had some footage l thought might not appear (USA disasters and USSR dodgy experiments), but the best bits were the photos from Hubble and images of space (in all it's infinite glory). I am worried they have made me an evangelical agnostic (OK, they have not, l was one already).

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funeral at darlington crematorium and blackwell grange

What a gay afternoon. Went to the work funeral at Darlington Crematorium, then back to The Blackwell Grange for a cup of tea (I drank Jack and Coke).

Rather sadly, l was asked by the family (about 2 minutes before the task) to carry the coffin from the hearse into the crematorium (obviously l leapt at the chance).

Of course l was more that willing to oblige, as it was a last minute invitation and l did not have to think about it beforehand, but it was also an experience l was not planning on getting from the day. I was also at the front, and led, so l suppose that is also something else to tick off, but the coffin dust made it look as though l had loads of dandruff (the FPO wiped it off).

Had to make small talk with the family afterwards then back to sunny old Catterick for a couple of quick ales before going home.

Met one of the staff team who had been at the funeral, and lo and behold, she received a call while we were talking and drinking that said her nan had died. What an end to the day.

Then again.... heartless bastard that l am, it gave me an excuse to have another ale, then myself and the FPO left the staff member, got some chips and wine for home, and buggered off. A good day for myself and the FPO, not so good for work related stuff and deaths.

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cemetery junction

By Jimminy Jesus, l have just watched a really crap film that l had high hopes for. Cemetery Junction (an a actual place in Reading) is about 3 young whipper snappers coming to age in 1973 Reading, one trying to better himself, one violent, and one an idiot. Sounds like me and my mates 12 miles away at RAF Benson at the same time, only we were not so stereo typically shit as characters. The best scenes were in the kitchen of Ricky Gervais (OK, his character, l assume based on his father), arguing and making asides with his family. Top stuff. The rest of the film was so mind blowingly predictable and unbelievable it was annoying. Some of the music choices were top notch (Life's a Gas) but fucking Brotherhood of Mans 'Save all your kisses for me' crap was not a Eurovision winner until 1976 and was not even started as a song until 1974. Anyone who knows me understands how angry this sort of re- writing of musical history of songs makes me (and l mean angry - proper Hulk style angry). Luckily, there was so much other crap in the film that annoyed me, l did not end up killing the cat/rabbit or FPO. I hate not liking this sort of stuff though, as l am a scumbag from the same era, and l love Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchants stuff (especially the radio shows). I feel like l am letting one of my own down, but when something is crap, it's crap.

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hard days filming this morning

Spent all morning filming, now I'm off to a funeral. What fun!

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mowgli and nozzer

Looking through some old photos tonight and came across this one of poor little Nozzer boy and the rather ratty looking Mowgli from Christmas 2009. Now we are stuck with Jacko and Tubbs - both of them fucking idiots.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

sigourney weaver screen test for alien

This is the screen test for Alien (1979) , with Sigourney Weaver. I haven't seen the film for many years, but just look at all the smoking that is going on. You forget how prevalent it was back in the day.

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facebook corrections

Whoever this Daniel is, this is an excellent way of winding people up, and he is right, they do make it too easy for him

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work at tottenham court road

I haven't been down to London recently, but one of the areas l was most familiar with was around Tottenham Court Road, as it is around there where l like to drink. Looks like l am going to be lost next time l am down though, as the photos of the work being done means the old place would certainly have changed. Hope they haven't knocked down too many pubs.

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunday, 17 April 2011

work work work

And then l come home to grass cutting duties. More later (yeh yeh, very exciting)

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

the royal wedding video

And if they did this, l would probably hate them that little bit more (if that was possible)

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cheap fecking 50p flights

l have certainly experienced that (the flights, not the girls)

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women with steve buscemeyes eyes

Tina Fey with Steve Buscemeyes. Thanks to so many for the suggestion.

Tina Fey from 30 Rock

Friends with Steve Buscemeyes. Thanks to so many for the suggestion.

The girls from Friends

It just looks so wrong, but those eyes are like mine, and l am lovely. It is doing my head in, l can't compute, the world is off it's axis etc....

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david bowie the glam god

Bowie when he was a space alien superstar - l loved this stuff

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Friday, 15 April 2011

backflip penalty

This is like me back in the day - a flash bastard (but l would have broken my neck if l tried a backflip)

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9 ways guys pee

So true - click to enlarge

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last of the laughing owls

And so they give that little bit more..

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

some maths 1 = 0.999

 \begin{align}  \frac{1}{9}           & = 0.111\dots  \\  9 \times \frac{1}{9}  & = 9 \times 0.111\dots \\  1                     & = 0.999\dots \end{align}

 \begin{align} x           &= 0.999\ldots \\ 10 x       &= 9.999\ldots \\ 10 x - x    &= 9.999\ldots - 0.999\ldots \\ 9 x         &= 9 \\ x           &= 1 \end{align}

This has been blowing my tiny mind recently. 1 can be the same as 0.999. Bloody maths

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

joss stone is dodgy (or dusty)

How shit and up her arse does this sound? I actually used to like her, as she had a great voice (I own two of her early cds/lps), but it should have been put to a better use over the last few years. She seems to have been swayed by the good old US of A more than most stars. IMHO (In my humble opinion) she would have done better sticking to her earlier roots and building on her credibility (which was sky high in the early years) and having a long lasting career. Obviously she may well prove me wrong and prove how unswitched on l am, but l doubt it.

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