Tuesday, 29 March 2011

micmacs - jean-pierre jeunet (2009)

Another great French film (by Jean-Pierre Jeunet) with subtitles. This was hilarious in places and really quirky (those crazy French!). Bazil (Dany Boon) gets a bullet in his head, gets befriended by street people, and sets two arms manufacturers against each other, while falling in love with Elastic girl (Julie Ferrier). Brilliant. I really love Jeunet's earlier films such as Delicatessen (1991) and The City of Lost Children (1995), and although it was completely different, Amélie (2001), was also pretty good. It's a shame he is not doing Life of Pi , as l enjoyed the book and would have liked to have seen what Jeunet would have done with that, but hey ho.

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