Thursday, 31 March 2011

doodle bug comic


Some reviews from The Record Mirror, back from when God where a lad.

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royston robertson - penguin vs polar bear

I used to help out with DoodleBug comic many moons ago, and was the main cartoonist involved with it. Oh what fun we had, traipsing around Newcastle with boxes of comics, facing up to the North Eastern wind and rain. Since then, as l have stewed in my own piss and vinegar, he has gone on to be a successful cartoonist with a book out. Am l bitter? YYYEEESSSSS!!!!!!, but it is still good to see someone from Catterick doing well and following their muse. His book can be purchased by clicking onto my Amazon link, or at the Online Shop. A bargain at £5.99 plus £1 postage (and no, l am not receiving any royalties from it).

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

sony photography awards for amateurs 2011

By James Chong

Buffalo Race by Chan Kwok Hung

Ration by Andiyan Lutfi

Three of the 10 winners from the open category for amateurs of the Sony Photography 2011 awards. Pretty damn good. Just wait till l get my new mobile phone though, l'll give them a run for their money.

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old christmas card

Also amongst the crap today - an old Christmas card l made - here's the inside of it. Don't think my cartooning skills have improved since then (I think this is from about 1991).

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coronation programme 1937

This is from 1937, it's aprox 74 years old and it has survived a World War. I found it amongst my crap today and thought l'd flog it. A quick look on Ebay later, and l have decided l might as well keep the bloody thing, as copies are on sale for about a fiver or so. What the Hell is going on? Things like this should have been my pension fund. The world is going to pot and l don't understand it any more.
Maybe my old Royal family postcards will be my saving grace......

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oxford united - it was 27 years ago

Whilst l was sorting out some crap today l found these little beauties, two pennants from about 1973 that l had stashed away. I have always supported Manchester United (it's a long story), but when l used to live at RAF Benson, about 10 miles from Oxford, l used to go and watch all their home games. The bottom two programmes are on sale on Ebay at the moment from the 1973/74 season, one of them being Bristol City on 20th April 1974, so it was just over 27 years ago l was at that. Christ on a bike, what an old bastard l am. Luckily l already have those programmes in my extensive collection. Obviously, because l am a sad hoarding git, l bought all of the programmes at the time, and have not thrown any away. Hurrah!
Notice on the Manchester United pennant, how few honours are on it. Liverpool (where l hailed from) were doing a lot better at the time, and continued to do so throughout the 1970's and 1980's. It's certainly changed since then though, even with King Kenny at the helm. Hurrah again!!

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quirkology trick

I think my drugs have kicked in - l'm confused

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arkham asylum - a serious house on serious earth - grant morrison

After finishing The Invisibles yesterday, l thought l would re-read Arkham Asylum again, as it has been a while (It originally came out in 1989). Impressive storytelling and impressionistic artwork by Dave McKean, once again, far removed from most peoples ideas of 'comics'. Batman goes into the Asylum (as the inmates have taken it over) and confronts his own past and madness. Grant Morrison said
"the story is woven tightly around a small number of symbolic elements, which combine and recombine throughout, as if in a dream: the Moon, the Shadow, the Mirror, the Tower, and the Mother's Son. The construction of the story was influenced by the architecture of a house — the past and the tale of Amadeus Arkham forms the basement levels. Secret passages connect ideas and segments of the book. There are upper stories of unfolding symbol and metaphor. We were also referencing sacred geometry, and the plan of the Arkham House was based on the Glastonbury Abbey and Chartres Cathedral. The journey through the book is like moving through the floors of the house itself. The house and the head are one."
Heavy going man

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the human centipede - first sequence (2010)

What a load of crap this was (and not just for the people at the back). It's a Tom Six film which is meant to represent a reflection on fascism blah blah blah, but it is just an exploitative horror film that aims to shock, with a mad scientist stitching three people together (obviously against their will). He keeps the women topless, so it's not all bad, but it's certainly not very good. I am friends with a certain person who may get some kicks from it, but he is a very sad and disturbed man (and he knows it). I don't think l will bother watching any follow ups.

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shutter island - martin scorsese (2010)

It's great being off work. Watched this earlier and enjoyed it, but l was expecting more from Scorsese, as l had heard and read good things beforehand, so the experience turned out to be a slight disappointment, although l did think it was good, and was glad l had seen it. Marshal Edward (Teddy) Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his new partner go to Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane on Shutter Island to look for a patient who has gone missing, but there are obviously twists and turns along the investigation........

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nevada smith (1966)

This was OK, although it could have done with being a bit shorter. Nevada Smith (Steve McQueen) parents are murdered, then he goes looking for revenge on the three men that did it. McQueen plays a youngish lad in the film, who does not know how to use a gun properly, has never been in a saloon, and is useless at trailing and looking after himself (until he gets some help). This, despite the fact McQueen was in his 30's when filming it,and looks it.

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the invisibles by grant morrison

Anyone who thinks comics are for kids should try reading these. It is a tale of time travel, space and old gods, not told in a particularly linear fashion. Hard going, and l should know, l have just read issues 1-8. It's very clever, and l like Grant Morrison,'s attitude (he suggested a wankathon to boost sales for this), but l prefer easier to read comics like good old spidey (or maybe l am just a bit thick).

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

richard wiseman paranormality

I finished this book yesterday, and it was pretty interesting, although most of the stuff in it l already knew (just not the specific tests). There were some good tricks and illusions to try out, and the above is a good example of how you can be fooled. Make sure you watch it all the way through.

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micmacs - jean-pierre jeunet (2009)

Another great French film (by Jean-Pierre Jeunet) with subtitles. This was hilarious in places and really quirky (those crazy French!). Bazil (Dany Boon) gets a bullet in his head, gets befriended by street people, and sets two arms manufacturers against each other, while falling in love with Elastic girl (Julie Ferrier). Brilliant. I really love Jeunet's earlier films such as Delicatessen (1991) and The City of Lost Children (1995), and although it was completely different, Amélie (2001), was also pretty good. It's a shame he is not doing Life of Pi , as l enjoyed the book and would have liked to have seen what Jeunet would have done with that, but hey ho.

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the killing has finished

This has finally finished and it was without doubt one of the best things l have ever seen on TV. Sarah Lund may have been tunnel visioned and put herself in danger all the time, but she eventually got the job done.
Not so sure about the ending as it left me with some unanswered questions. I assume the necklace must have been ripped from round Vagn's neck during the struggle, so l will let that one go. However, how did he get on and off the boat at the end to kill the taxi driver when it was surrounded by police? Who deleted the phone records at the start, as the old chief of police said he didn't do it. Vagn seemed to be left handed, but Meyer was shot by someone holding the gun in their right hand. Why was the taxi driver so scared and wanting to go to Vietnam, why didn't he go to the police at the beginning? All he did (l think) was phone Vagn after dropping off Nanna.
Anyway, it was still excellent, and l now can't wait for series two to start in the Autumn. It has also been redone in the USA, but l am a bit unsure about seeing their version, as l am pretty sure they will spoil it in some way, to make it more palatable for a US audience. I'm sure l'll find out soon, as it is bound to be shown on British TV pretty damn sharpish.

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Monday, 28 March 2011

the k west sign on the ziggy stardust album

I am a man who some people may say is an idiot who collects a lot of crap. Admittedly, l do horde stuff, and l also nick menus from restaurants and suchlike. When l went to see The Rolling Stones a few years ago, l climbed up the scaffolding (it was an outdoor gig at Newcastle United's ground, St James' Park), and, with a knife l borrowed from a Hells Angel, cut down a large advertising banner, which l later sold at Sothebeys auction house.
The above sign does not belong to me, but l wish l had nicked it. It is from the Ziggy Stardust cover and was nicked by someone in the 1980's (l am not giving any names). It is white, but tinted in the cover photo to look yellow. The bottom picture is of the Pulp guitarist Mark Webber, when he was 13, paying homage at the scene.
What a great and iconic memento to have. Wish l had thought about liberating it when l was down in London years ago, although most sane people would inquire why the hell l would want it in the first place. History my dears, history.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

led zeppelin at southampton university 1973

What a show this is. l have been listening to it tonight whilst pottering about, and it is superb, with great sound quality. Get it now! You don't have to look too far on the old web (l got it on a megaupload download from guitars 101).

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hawaii from the air

Nice - from NASA

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Friday, 25 March 2011

ironic mug shots part 4

the joy of charity shops

I finished work at 8pm this evening and have the place to myself as the FPO is having a girls night out in Richmond, so it's all blissful until l have to go and pick her up at midnight (when she turns into a pumpkin).
I have been dossing around reading some music magazines that l bought a week or so ago from a charity shop. What a result it was. There was a large cardboard box full of old music mags (Mojo, Classic Rock etc), and all of them at the rather splendid price of 10 pence a copy. Naturally l bought 30 of them straight off, then went back to the shop today to buy some more, but they had all been sold (Damn!).
I suppose it is for my own good really, or more importantly, the poor old floorboards in the spare room, as there are comics, books, records, CDs, DVDs and junk all over the place. The top photos are the top and bottom of my wardrobe. Not a lot of room remaining in there, so l should be cutting down on junk, not increasing it and accumulating more.
Then again, l still bought a couple more books today and have just got another one from Amazon. The madness. It never stops.

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ironic mug shots part 1

Thursday, 24 March 2011

this looks wrong part 35

Not sure what to say to this one - don't know if the lad is in pain or reaching a sexual climax.

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this looks wrong part 34

Go on my Dear....drink some more Absinthe....nothing is going to happen to you.......l'll protect can trust me...........l'm a gentleman..........etc etc
I don't trust that twinkle in his monocle

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

chuck berry baby doll

What an entertainer he was. Not his best song but there's some great footwork

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elizabeth taylor

I have just seen on the news that Dame Elizabeth Taylor has died today aged 79. When l were a lad, she was always in the news, either because of her marriages (especially to Richard Burton), old films, or later lunacy and Aids benefits.
She was the first female movie star to be paid one million dollars for a film, but the main thing l remember about her salery, was that she was paid less than the dog in 'Lassie Come Home'.

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south park darlington

These are from a few days ago, after the meal at The Otter and Fish, but l have just transferred some camera photos to the computer. What a gay day it was.

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old cinema front

This is a cinema exterior from 1921 and it makes it look really exciting, way better than the drab multiplexes nowadays. They knew how to promote a film back in them days.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

millers crossing

It's funny how the memory can be so hit and miss. I have just watched this again and bits of it slowly came back to me as it was going along. I was sure l had seen the film before (which might have been 20 years ago), but could not remember anything about it. As it went on, l had sudden bursts of memory returning, so l knew it had something to do with woods, then someone not getting shot, but that was about it. Basically, Tom Reagan (Gabriel Byrne) is working with a crime boss played by Albert Finney, but also knocking off his woman. They then fall out over it, so Tom goes off to work for the rival crime boss, with twists and turns along the way. Good film, but l am probably going senile.

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nice swimwear

This man is watching a beauty contest in Washington, USA 1919. Have to get myself one of those outfits for the next time l am on holiday.

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Monday, 21 March 2011

never had it so good

I am one of the first people to whinge that life is hard. l haven't got enough money, work is a pain and there are not enough hours in the day to do things, but this woman is from 1936 in the USA. That is when life was hard (for the poor) and she is really having to wear rags. Still doesn't stop me complaining. Bring on this weeks Euro lottery - l'm feeling lucky!

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

tubbs needs to go on a diet

Tubbs, the indoor rabbit is still such an idiot he is still scared of the wooden floor, trying to run on it extremely fast to make the rug in the living room. Once in the living room, he doesn't like to walk back to his cage by the kitchen, so he has to be shoved along and encouraged. As a result of him hardly moving, he is starting to look like the rabbit above. Looks like he is going to have to wear little rubber boots so he can get a grip and move around more, otherwise, it's diet time.

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