Tuesday, 1 February 2011

the silent witness shooting

I was on another blog where they were discussing the end of 'Silent Witness' and how shocking it had been, what a surprise it was etc and it got my curiosity up. It is a programme l have never had an interest in before, but l was intrigued to know what had happened that was so shocking. Although l don't know any of the cast and haven't got a clue about the story lines, l booted up the old iplayer and skimmed to the end to see what happened. l then went to the start of the next episode on the iplayer to find out the explanation for the miraculous escape. What a load of unexpurgated crap l discovered there, making me thankful that l do not watch the programme, if that is the sort of unbelievable storyline they are promoting. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! They make a big thing of showing off the would be assassin's tattoo on his right hand (the one in which he his holding the gun) and then show the switcherooonie guy holding the gun in his left hand (but no tattoos when setting fire to the body). l also find it unbelievable he would have swopped so many clothes and also worn so much of the other guys stuff (with hoodie up) as it would have taken too long to do the swop and there was obviously traffic going past (hence part of the reason for the death). He would have been better off kicking in all his teeth or something to destroy the dental records (not that l am a serial killer or anything). Also an assassin who was so good would have kept his distance as he reloaded, even if he wanted to stand on the victims leg and inflict more pain. Also.........OK, l can't be bothered carrying on with this, suffice to say, l don't know what all the fuss is about with the programme, and l won't be watching it again. l am sure that will destroy their viewing figures.

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