Friday, 7 January 2011

back to work and a normal life with exercise

Back to work tomorrow/today after the nice long break this week. Can't say l am looking forward to it, bound to be loads of work to do and l also know l have to go to a meeting at Northallerton hospital tomorrow. l am sure there will be problems to solve as soon as l walk through the door in the morning until l leave in the evening (it's also a long day at work tomorrow - 12 hours).

Time to stop eating and drinking so much, and get back to a normal life. I may even take up some exercise like the chappie above (but l doubt it). At present, l am waiting for a new computer to arrive, so l will be sitting on my lazy fat arse in front of that in the next few days (hopefully).

Ah well, Manchester United v Liverpool at the weekend to look ahead to. Praise the Lord there's always football.

toodle pip

toodle pip

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