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Thursday, 29 December 2011

how to draw an owl and trouble with passwords

I've been having some trouble recently with my passwords and access to my blog and my Hotmail account. I'm still having trouble with the Hotmail one, and l am seriously thinking of just starting afresh with that, but at least the blog seems OK (at present), hence l am back to posting again (a nation rejoices!).
More crap coming soon, but in the meantime, some outstanding advice for the likes of me, who loves art but can't draw for toffee.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

the lost bowie totp film of jean genie

This is the film of David Bowie performing The Jean Genie live on Top Of The Pops in 1973, which had not been seen since then and was considered lost, but was thankfully unearthed by John Henshall (one of the cameramen). A great performance and superb quality. Magic stuff indeed, and l hope the good Mr Henshall has a load more performances stashed away that will also be given a viewing in the near future.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

nowhere boy (2009 ) - sam taylor-wood

Focusing on John Lennon's teenage years and the tug of love between his prim and proper Aunt Mimi, and Julia, his fun-loving mother, up to the trip first to Hamburg, Nowhere Boy was a let down to me. I thought it was too obvious in places, presented a version of Liverpool that was a lot tidier and cleaner  than it is/was, and his mother was just waaaaay to wacky and joyful, or depressed. The first meetings with Paul and George, although based on facts, did not ring true with the acting, and the crazy way it was portrayed when they were riding the buses, or swapping the record, also seemed unbelievable, even though those kind of things happened. Most of it just seemed false, which is a hard thing to aim at a film based on well known facts.

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the arc rouges gallery

While out and about recently, l was persuaded to go down to the Arc in Colburn as they were showing some football game or other I wasn't that interested in. Now don't get me wrong, l enjoy a drink as much as the next man. I also frequent the Arc now and again. But just take a gander at the collection of rogues they have in the (out of focus) picture above, which is on the bar. What a scary sight first thing in the morning.

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nigella talks dirty

Childish but funny - Nigella Lawson talks dirty.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

rob lowe - stories l only tell my friends

This book was not as good as l thought it might be, as, due to the title, l naively expected it to be full of scandalous tales, not just an autobiography like many others. It did however, have some tales that were surprising (it's not just all film roles and bonking), and Rob Lowe has certainly had an interesting life. Another thing is, he is obviously an intelligent man who has leanings to the left (politically speaking), so that ticks the boxes for appealing to me. Enjoyed it, but glad l didn't buy it, and it annoys me that he is so good looking.Git.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

gemini man starring ben murphy and alias smith and jones

I think there is something missing from my brain (some would say a lot).
I used to love 'Alias Smith and Jones' when l was younger ("Starring Pete Duel and Ben Murphy"), but didn't realise that Ben was also 'Gemini Man', a character who could make himself invisible using his watch. That series has either just passed me by (unlikely), or l have just forgotten about it completely (which seems to be the case). How could my tiny little brain do this to me? What else have l forgotten? What if it has wiped out something l need to remember? What else is it doing to me?
I need a lie down (or is my brain just telling me that to take my mind off this subject?)
I'm confused.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

clever and funny street art

I've got to get my spray can out soon, maybe once my car is legal again (it just cost over £500 for it's MOT!). I love this sort of artwork, clever and funny. Lots more can be found here.

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kim jong - il and spike milligan

The late and great Spike Milligan wanted it on his headstone, but it is probably more fitting now, seeing as North Korea's leader, Kim Jong il has died.

"I told you l was il"

Thank you very much - I'm here all week

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alan bennett - telling tales

The written versions of the TV monologues of his childhood (although l have not actually seen them on TV).
Superb stuff and very dry and droll (as expected). Very, very old school and English.
More of his stuff is gathering dust around the house waiting to be (eventually) delved into (amongst other things).
'Sings - If l only had the time...'.

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the krankies in sex swop ding dong fun and games

This is certainly a story l did not want to be waking up to.
Apparently The Krankies have been indulging in partner swapping.
For sex.
We are talking about The Krankies here!

As Viz had in their letters page :
"I've been having sexual fantasies about Jimmy Krankie. Now I don't know whether I'm heterosexual, homosexual or a paedophile."

I think l will give my Cornflakes a miss this morning.

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Monday, 19 December 2011

todd mclellan photgraphs and the new dvd player

I have just been trying to connect a new (but reasonably cheap) DVD player and discovered the Scart socket at the back is loose so l cannot get a proper connection. What a pain in the backside, as l can't stomach the thought of having to send it back for a replacement, which obviously won't come until after Christmas. I am therefore thinking about taking it apart and putting in a new Scart socket myself, something l have never done before, but as l am a pretty confident person most of the time (and reasonably bright), l reckon l can work it out, and use the Scart from the old one.
I am pretty sure l wont be as tidy as the above photographs, which are by Todd McLellan, who takes items apart and then photographs them, but l do relish a challenge.
Let's hope it doesn't all end in tears.

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