Tuesday, 30 November 2010

andy warhols polaroids

John Lennon

Mick Jagger

Liza Minnelli

Andy Warhol

Sylvester Stallone

Debbie Harry

Mohamed Ali

Truman Capote

William Burroughs

In the Rolling Stones book of the 1972 tour (Stones Touring Party), It mentions Andy Warhol coming to the last night of the tour in Madison Square Gardens and then taking polaroids backstage. Andy Warhol took polaroids when he was working at The Factory, so most of these (if not all) are from there. Still interesting though, having such famous personalities popping by to say hello all the time. No wonder he roped in other staff to do a lot of the art work, following his instructions. He probably never got a minutes peace, poor old bugger.

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Monday, 29 November 2010

stones touring party, apathy for the devil and the music myths and misbehaviours of primal scream

l have just finished these three little beauties, and they were all just what l expected.

Stones Touring Party is an account of the Rolling Stones 1972 tour of America, with all it's attendant madness (sex, drugs and rock and roll). It also presents the downside of it, the burnouts, the brutality and the sheer boredom of life on the road (maaaan).

The Primal Scream one is like an updated version - they are/were living and fulfilling their Rolling Stones dreams, with both the good and bad experiences that kind of lifestyle throws up.

Nick Kent was living the dream in the early 1970's, then got hooked on heroin for the second part of the decade. Then goes further and further down, into the squalor and mixing with the lowlife.
Mmmm... sounds good, makes me want to try it.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

come together - primal scream - london olympia 26-11-2010

Deep joy at the end of the gig. This is from where we were standing.

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Saturday, 27 November 2010

primal scream in london

A rather splendid time was had down in old London town yesterday evening, watching Primal Scream do Screamadelica at the Olympia in Kensington.

Some random memories of it :

Getting there in pretty good time (5.30pm aprox), surprising the FPO with cans of beer for the journey, and then being stuck in traffic and driving around for ages trying to find somewhere to park that wasn't resident permits only or £30 for the night. Finally ditched the car without having to pay by the Army Museum, along from the Royal Hospital, home of the Chelsea pensioners. Bought some small bottles of wine, then headed to Victoria to get the tube, as we couldn't find the Sloane Square station (maps are for girls).

Two old pissed up/drugged up scousers on the tube to Earls Court (also on the way to the Primal Scream gig) who managed to get the train to stop twice by leaning on the door (not realising what they were doing). The train driver tried to get some police to arrest them, but then carried on the journey as there were non available. I told them how to get to Olympia and which stop to change at, for which they were very grateful, so l thought l might ask if they had any disco biscuits spare when we changed at Earls Court. They then disappeared the wrong way, never to be seen again, so God knows what happened to them. As l said to the FPO, that could easily have been me (some say it is).

Down the front for the gig, which was great. A really large hall with everyone standing/dancing.
They didn't play Screamadelica in order, which was better really, so they had the slow songs in the middle and more crowd pleaser's at the end. Could have hit the bar again during 'Shine Like Stars' and 'Inner Flight' though (price of a small bottle of cider - £4.60 each). They also had a good stage set up with screens/lasers etc, plus it was all filmed.

Queueing for an hour after the gig to get the FPO's coat back from the cloackroom. What shitty organisation, a very small cloakroom with hardly anyone helping, yet loads of security trying to clear the place.

Getting the tube to Sloane Square after the gig, knowing the tickets were not for two zones. I got through the barrier by quickly following someone, but the FPO never made it and had to get assistance. Luckily she pleaded stupidity, was believed (I wonder how) was let off, and let through. We then walked to the Chelsea and Westminister hospital by mistake, looking for the car. Went past lots of toffs outside flash nightclubs (don't get me started) and when we realised our mistake (standing outside the wrong hospital), we got a taxi to the car instead (£7 plus a £3 tip). Well worth it, as it was bloody freezing.

Going through red lights on the way out of London and then getting pulled over by the rozzers (painful at the best of times) in Kilburn High Street. I thought it was for the red lights, but turned out it was a random number plate check and they realised the car was from miles away, so investigated in case it was stolen. Denied I had been drinking, but as the car had a load of beer cans in it, they were suspicious and breathalysed me. Hurrah! The first one l have ever passed! They even gave me the bit l blew into as a pressie (see photo above).

Lots of snow and traffic jams on the way home, so we stopped twice for a kip in the car (took a sleeping bag and quilt with us). In the end, it took about nine hours getting home, dirty and knackered, but still chuffed we went.

Already looking forward to the gigs next year.

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Friday, 26 November 2010

who's in the bootle primary school photo

Looking at some old Bootle primary school pictures, (see http://www.bootlehistory.com/ ) for more, somebody in the photo at the top looks familier. Check out the small lad on the right hand side in a snazzy waistcoat (with D on it). It's non other than Cheggers himself, Keith Cheggwin.
Obviously another famous friend from years gone by (although he was a year above me).

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

tom mairs - secret millionaire in bootle

The FPO taped this for me as she thought l might enjoy it, as l was in the bath while it was on (got to wash the filth off sometimes).

The reason for the taping was because l am from Bootle (and proud of the fact), and it is always good to see how the old hometown is portrayed on the goggle box. Secret Millionaire is not normally something l would watch, as a lot of the time l just think it is people trying to get themselves on TV (like everybody else) and look caring (and get some good publicity at the same time). Also, the cheques they usually give away do not amount to a lot, especially when they are outrageously rich.

Tom Mairs lives in the Wirral and was given £1,000,000 by his father to do what he wanted with. He then bought a load of houses across the water in Liverpool and rented them out to students. Result! Made more money in rents and still owns the property. Easy to do when you are already rich, even Robbie Fowler does it.

He has over two million pounds now, but to cut a long story short, he went to Bootle, met people and gave away some money. This is the bit that bugs me.

A woman with problems arranging holidays for children (or maybe one child, l skipped through some stuff) with learning difficulties or physical problems was given £30,000 and a promise of an extra £10,000 a year to keep the holidays up. Nice one. No problems with that.

An ex criminal who Tom originally had issues with (as Tom's family had been the victims of a robbery while at home) was advising kids not to join gangs or rob, also emphasising the horrors of imprisonment. He did not want money but was sorry for what he had done in the past and didn't want other kids to make the same mistakes he had. Nothing wrong with that - doing good work (all for free).

However............and this is the bit that really bugs me......Tom visited The Space Centre, which helps give kids something to do, gets them off the streets, and gives them self worth and shows them there is more to life than gangs and crime. This involves loads of kids and has been going for a while. Tom eventually revealed himself as a secret millionaire and then after all the build up, produced from his pocket a cheque for £8,500. There were lots of tears and thank you's and hugs from the kids and staff, but l would have told him to bugger off and stop slumming it for his supposedly altruistic reasons. They could get that kind of money with some sort of charity event. Any money is nice and it it had been given anonymously or by someone poorer, that would be great, but to make a bleeding great fuss of presenting it, after his so called bonding dancing with the kids is just an insult. These are exactly the kind of kids that will probably have a crap education, poor family life and roll models, and end up drifting into drugs, alcoholism, dead end jobs or crime. He shouldn't be too surprised when they grow up and rob him in years to come.

OOh thank ee guvnur, l be so very very umble l be, and not worthy of thous most gracious gift.
Bah humbug. They should have said "How fucking much??!!!", then ripped it up and threw it back in his face. l for one, would have stood up and applauded (rather than doffing my cap).

Bootle, you let me down.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

my grammer school (nearly)

This is the school l would have gone to if my parents had split up and l had gone back to Liverpool (It is Balliol Road Bootle Grammer School). They nearly did split when we were in Germany and l had just passed my 11 plus (obviously with flying colours), so it was a close thing.
It would have been a hell of a lot different from Linacre Lane primary school, that's for sure.
I would have ended up at University or prison, one of the two. Mind you, l went to Durham Prison years ago, so half of that came true anyway. Damn! Just missed out on University then.

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national geographic weather photos

Been thinking about the weather for the weekend (off to London) and next week (off to Berlin).
Think it is going to be mighty cold, but l would rather it was cold than raining.
Anyway, here's some great weather shots from National Geographic. Impressive stuff.

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gary glitter advert

This advert just looks so wrong. I'd hate to think what other use he had for the cream.

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Monday, 22 November 2010

the royal wedding

The nation is soooo happy! We are all walking around with smiles on our faces! Think of how much money this will make for the country! (even though l will be paying towards it).
Sod that l say.
A couple of outrageously over privileged spoilt bastards decide to get hitched. So what. I am not interested in their wedding one iota, but l am interested in the way the media are falling over themselves to build it up (and yes, l do know we are talking about our future king and queen).
It is supposed to be heading us all towards a classless society, and the Mail have even gone as far as calling her a commoner.
This is a commoner who went to a £30,000 a year school and lives in a one million pound flat which her parents bought her. Curious to know what (real) work she does as well.
Honestly, it makes my blood boil.
Bring on the revolution brothers and sisters.

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linacre lane school - bootle

Ah, my old school in Bootle. Looks pretty posh (l don't think). This was taken before l went there, although probably not too long before, as l am now an old bastardo.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

george best - five years ago already

Bloody Hell, time sure does fly (like the great pumpkin). It was five years ago yesterday when George Best died. I was on the train to London when it happened and got told of his death by a taxi driver, when l asked him if he had any news about George, who was at deaths door when l got on the train.
Sure doesn't seem like five years ago, and l wish Manchester United had him still playing now (obviously when he was younger, not in his current state).

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made to eat his beard

He is not just a stereotypical southern citizin of the good old U S of A, he was also forced to eat his beard. You couldn't make it up.

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

love and theft - filmbilder

Brilliant stuff. Pass the acid.

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the missing hand and penis - and the italian mp

Italian PM 'enhances' ancient

Roman statues

The statues, which depict the naked gods Venus and Mars, are on show in

Silvio Berlusconi's Rome residence.

Mr Berlusconi ordered a replacement for the missing penis on the statue of the

ancient god of war, and a missing hand for Venus.

Art experts say it is tasteless and aesthetically wrong to replace the missing body parts.

The additions to the two ancient statues, dug up near Rome nearly 100 years ago

and now adorning the courtyard of the prime minister's official residence, were

ordered personally by Mr Berlusconi.

The statues were formerly kept in a Rome museum.

It's about a missing / to be replaced penis. Look at who wrote it. Surely it's not just a made up name?

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recent books - the liar, booky wooky 2, the three evangelists, my side, the guv'ner, somebody to love

Some excellent writing but some repetitive stuff from his biography. l enjoyed most of it but wasn't too keen on the plotting with false names sections.

Like the guy a lot and enjoyed most of it, but not too keen on the "l was looking for/if only l could find my" soulmate bits)

An interesting tale from France. A murder mystery from someone l had never heard of before, but it was pretty good

Does what it says on the front cover. A hard bastard.

Bloody hippies (who are the kind of people who sleep with Jim Morrison)

Pretty bland for the main part, but it was interesting to read about his side of leaving the glorious Manchester United.

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As l was perusing t'internet tonight l noticed 2 Primal Scream tickets were for sale for next Friday night in that there London. The first time Screamadelica has ever been played all the way through. Couldn't resist that so l duly put on a bid and have just found out it was successful. All l need to do now is sort out time off work, transport and somewhere to stay. And l am off to Berlin the week after. Damn! Then again, l am a happy, go lucky, positive kind of fellow, so it will be all right on the night (hopefully all night gig). Then again, it depends on the mood of the FPO. l may have to take little Nozzer instead (the pissing litle bastardo).

Primal Scream mark 20 years since the creation of their mind-blowing landmark Screamadelica by playing the album in its entirety for the first time on26th & 27th November at Olympia Grand Hall.

Since its release in September 1991, Screamadelica has been hailed as thedefining musical statement of the 90s, often one of the greatest albums of all time.

It scooped the first Mercury Music Prize in 1992 while the late Paul Cannell’s cover design was recently chosen as one of the Royal Mail’s ten classic rock album stamps.

Primal Scream have never performed some of the songs live before while many have not been played for years. To fully realise them the band will be expanding the lineup with gospel choir, brass section and singer Denise Johnson rejoining for the night.

Get on it, fill your boots, have it large, crack open the disco biscuits etc. Should be fun

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

man-ape comic - from beyond the unknown

I don't know why, but l love the cover of this comic. Maybe because l look like the man-ape and like to read a lot (and l'd also like to conquer the World).
All l need now is a gun (and a well stocked bookshop).

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

its been a long weekend

Back into the full swing of work tomorrow, going in for 8am, got a meeting at 9am, then it's lots of work, supervisions, finances, hospital visits and more bleeding meetings. I won't finish work until about 6pm on Friday evening, (working overnight tomorrow), as l will be working all day and then have to attend a meeting at Northallerton Friarage hospital at 3.30pm.
What the Hell happened to my cushy life?
At least a good time was had at the weekend and on Monday. I even got to slap the FPO around the chops with £5,000 in cash at one stage.
No drink has been taken yesterday or today, so l may have to put an end to that and dig out a can while Mad Men is on.

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a four year old strikes gold

A four year old boy from Essex has found this (using a metal detector with his father) in a field in Essex and it has been valued at 2.5 million pounds (to be split between the boys family and the field owner).
To say l am seething with jealousy and hatred would be an understatement.

I blame my father. We never went metal detecting in fields in Essex. I could have been rich by now. No work, the life of Riley, awake all night, sleeping all morning...

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

germany security threat

Germany is increasing security at airports and railway stations in light of "concrete indications" of terrorist attacks being planned for the end of November.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said it followed a tip-off from another, unnamed country.

Germany had information on "sustained efforts" by Islamist extremists to carry out attacks, he said.

He said the extra security would remain in place "until further notice".

"There are grounds for concern, but not for hysteria," Mr de Maiziere told a news conference in Berlin.

(from the BBC website)

This will please the FPO as we are off to Germany at the end of November. Bring it on l say!

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

spanish civil war photos

In 2007 three small boxes arrived at the International Centre of Photography (ICP) in New York, having travelled from Mexico City. The boxes contained the Spanish Civil War negatives of Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and David Seymour (who was known as Chim).

The boxes became known as the Mexican Suitcase and comprised 4,500 negatives which it was believed had been lost. Despite the film being nitrate-based, it was in remarkably good condition, something that the ICP in part attributes to the relatively dry and stable climate of Mexico City.

Some of the work has been seen in the press and in exhibitions already, but now every frame can be seen in a new publication and is on show at the ICP from the end of the week.

(from the BBC website)

I remember a couple of years ago in Turkey reading a book that was about the Spanish civil war (can't remember what it was called,and certainly can't be bothered looking it up). An interesting time for Europe just before the Second World War, and it was certainly a case of "Which side are you on?".

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

women in art

This is an amazing slide show of women in art. A great idea, but l can't put a video straight onto the blog, so there is definitely something lacking.
It was done by Philip Scott Johnson in 2007.
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Thursday, 11 November 2010

lulu and the lampshades - you're gonna miss me

Very clever, but also a really good song. Not too keen on the big kitchen though (as he burns up and explodes with jealousy)

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paper plane in space

The best thing about the news story is at the end - "there was no point to it". My kind of men.
Also, because it is also the name of one of Status Quo's finest songs (when they were still rock, when their hair was still long, when they were still young etc..) their video is added.
Childhood bliss in 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Not many other things l can think of that would have given me so much pleasure in the same amount of time ("Steady on old chap!!").

Amateur space enthusiasts Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines made the plane out of paper straws covered with paper.

They attached the aircraft - which has a 3ft wingspan - and a camera to a helium balloon and released it into the air on October 28.

It soared an astonishing 23 miles above the ground, taking dozens of photographs, before gliding back to earth.

The men came up with the idea a year ago.

After months of planning, they put operation Paris - Paper Aircraft Released Into Space - into action, travelling to Spain to send the plane on its journey.

The balloon climbed to 90,000 ft where the helium expanded to a point that caused the balloon to burst and the plane was released, gliding down to earth 100 miles from where it set off.

There was no point to the exercise, IT expert Steve Davies told Sky News Online. "We did it because we wanted to see if we could - and we could!

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

summer breeze on soul train

It's crap weather, more crap weather is on the way, and l am at work today.
At least l can probably look forward to all the roof tiles getting blown off and the trees in the back garden getting blown down.
Still,The Isley Brothers on 'Soul Train' can cheer me up.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

lp advert

What a great idea this is. It's in Portobello road in that there London, and looks very realistic. Advertising the new Tom Waits album. Nearly makes me want to go out and buy it. Nearly, but not enough.

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

lesbian paperbacks from the 1950s and 1960s

I didn't know that these books even existed until earlier today. Classy stuff, which would have been a bit shocking in the 1950's and 1960's. Pulp fiction at it's very best, although the 'girls' in 'After School' look a bit dodgy.

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