Saturday, 19 December 2009

drunken christmas

Well, it's nowhere near Christmas yet, but me and the FPO are having a splendid old time.
She is in bed, I am on the computer, but we have been watching some Christmas TV together earlier on.
A Welsh Christmas (or whatever the hell it was called) was pretty crap as far as I was concerned, but I did get a bit of grit in my eye at the end, so maybe it did it's Christmany trick of lulling you into a false sense of security before kicking in with Christmany stereotypical happy endings. Worked on me anyway.
Also watched BBC 3 (or 4 - I am upstairs and tipsy, so can't be bothered finding out which one is correct) musical Christmas do with bellowhead and the Unthanks (amongst others). That was pretty good, the kind of folk music I enjoy (but I don't mean just Christmas songs).
Going a few doors up the road for a party tomorrow night, which may turn out messy, so I should be in bed now, preserving my energy (what little I have left).
Then again, I think "What would Keith Richards do?, therefore I am still awake and tapping at this Godforsaken machine.
No doubt I will stay up till the silly hours, so there may be some posts or you tube clips later. VOTE OBAMA!
toodle pip

Saturday, 12 December 2009

gimme shelter

Myself and the fun prevention officer have been lazing around tonight watching TV and spending some 'quality time' together.
This ended up with me pleading and a begging for her to watch the Stones Gimme Shelter film which was being shown on BBC 3 (or 4).
Obviously the words "I am Keith" and "You are Anita" were bandied around by me, accompanied by swigs from a bottle of whisky, as the good lord Keith would have done.
The FPO did watch the whole film, (drunk), and did enjoy it (to a degree). Lord knows I had to massage her shoulders and keep her entertained to keep her in the room, but it's important history for Gods sake. End of the 60's, someone being killed by the Hells angels, what more do you want?
OK, I am a sad twat - but it's still a great film, and relevant now, as part of the film showed the Stones at Muscle Shoales studios listening to a playback of their new song - Wild Horses, as currently done by Susan Boyle. Still think the Stones version is miles better though.
Wish I was older (if that is possible). I'd have loved to have gone to see some of the top bands while they were in their prime, plus I am a stinking hippie deep down (but with a punk attitude). I would have had a field day, top bands, free love and maybe indulge in the odd substance as well.

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Thursday, 10 December 2009



Patrick has come round and sorted the computer out again, so more posts to follow shortly. Could have been fixed a while ago but a certain sister in law lacks the knowledge.
You know who you are

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