Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bulgaria trip

Oh yes - I'm back again.
One of these days l will get a decent laptop l can use while l am away, as l sure do miss being on the computer, not doing this in particular, just surfing for stuff and catching up on news.
Don't really fancy going into internet cafes, not really my scene (man).
Anyhow, had a good time while away, weather was scorching and the sea was really good for swimming in. l now officially swim like a fish (albeit one that has been caught and left to rot for a few days). The people were friendly, the fake designer gear was really cheap and it was quiet.
The hotel (Royal Beach Barcelo on Sunny Beach) was pretty flash (5 star) and all inclusive but as it was the end of their season, there was nothing in the hotel to do. The hotel hardly had anyone staying there and it was closing for the season at the end of this week. You also had to put on trousers etc for meals unless you wanted food by the outside pool, and that only served food from 2pm till about 4pm. Would have been a better idea to go self catering. A KFC was on the corner, so l could have eaten there. The bar was open all day and that was free, so it was bearable, plus they had a great indoor pool which was hardly used, so l was in there a lot.
A letter of complaint will be winging itself through to the company to try a get a refund of partof the money, as it was not as advertised on the all inclusive brochure.
Also went to a place called Khan's Tent, which is where you have a meal while hey lay on entertainment Las Vegas style, dancing girls, acrobatics, comedy etc. I must admit some of it was pretty good and it was good to see some of the acts very close up. Some of them had some really cheesy smiles, with mad sincere eyes. Proper entertainers l would say.
l would go there again, but l think it might be Romania next year, as it will be very similar, but a lot less touristy and cheaper. Try and get in there before everyone else. Bring on the Gypsies and Transylvania l say!
I am now really brown but sadly back to work today - damn!
Toodle pip

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Silver Moon Shadows

When all the drunks have gone home, that’s when we get in our boat.
Drift through the silence of night, far from the harbour’s sight.
And with a mystical air, we know what we’re searching for:
For silver moon ladders.
Next day, at the jobs we do, no one else has a sense or a clue.
We climbed to the moon last night, sat and looked back at the earth’s blue light.
Such a beautiful sight from silver moon ladders.

Toodle pip

Monday, 21 September 2009

away for the week at sunny beach

As Bob Dylan would say - l'm not there - but l will be for the rest of the week.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

gardening (not by night)

Before l went off to work yesterday, Dazzer and Louise turned up and said they wanted to help sort out the garden with Mandy (mad fools). l managed to avoid most of the work as l had things to do on the computer (as l am off to Bulgaria tomorrow) and went off to work, but still managed to hurt my back by putting bin bags full of crap into my car to dump (l mean take to the tip). It does look a lot better though.
Suppose they will have to come round for a bonfire night celebration/piss up now.
Last year we had the police around telling us to stop setting off rockets as it was not bonfire night. Got threatened with fine etc, but ignored them and heard no more. They will probably be around this year as well, as we are not doing it till the 7th Nov, seeing as l am away on a cruise and do not get back until about midnight on the 6th. Bring it on l say. Breaking the law, breaking the law.
toodle pip

lovely michael owen

What fucking fantastic game that was (Utd beating Ciddy 4-3). Christ my poor little booze riddled heart.
The first half was just fine and dandy, apart from Tevez nearly putting City ahead, but the second half was one of the best games of football l have ever seen.
l really thought Utd had blown it when Bellamy equalised to make it 3-3, and was sick (as a parrot, so to speak) as Utd were all over City and should have scored more.
Plus it was a stupid fucking attempt at a lob by Rio that caused it. l could have done that lob no problem, but Rio does not possess my natural ability, so why try it especially so late in the game. l also thought Foster in goal should have done better, and he was at fault for City's first goal, also trying to be too clever, so no Christmas cards from me this year.
The four minutes of injury time passed and l truly thought it was all over again, have to settle for a draw etc, but up pops little Michael Owen, the new hero of the Stretford End, to clinch the winner after about five and a half minute of injury time.
The referee is going to be slated tomorrow, and probably on Match of the Day 2 later on (which of course l am going to watch, to see the match again), but the win is oh so sweet. l haven't cried with joy at a goal so much since the 1999 European Cup Final (in old money). Magic, fucking magic!!
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Friday, 18 September 2009

flick books (no not that sort)

Christ, l can't believe how much crap l have got. I have just been looking at some old Manchester United stuff and came across these, old Daily Mirror flick books from 1972/73. Before DVD and Video, these were the only way of replaying those classic moments from matches, mainly George Best going round the keeper in the 1968 European Cup Final to make the score 2-1. Magical at the time and they bring back so many happy memories, but the kids today would never entertain the idea of using them now. They don't know what they are missing.

OK, I admit it. l would rather be a kid today. Unlimited free stuff on the computer, state of the art computer games and the means to tape TV (and pause it), Manchester United winning loads, plus all the porn you can watch. I wouldn't be so skillful at football though, as l would have stayed in a lot more. You can guess what l would be doing.
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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

last turkey photo

How gay can two blokes be without actually being gay?

little jamie

Earlier on today l was looking at some information about Singapore, as l lived there from about 1966 to 1968. Trouble is, my dad died a while ago and my mum died last year. Therefore l have no-one to get information from about where we lived, what school l went to etc. l did try asking my mum a while ago but she couldn't remember anything herself (silly old bat).

l am curious about the facts as l would like to go back there for a holiday sometime and look at where we used to live (if it still exists). Although l was pretty young, l do have good memories of the place. Main memories are being really into American TV programmes such as Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, The Addams family, The Munsters and The Man From Uncle. Also it is the first place l started buying American comics from, as there was a stall at the end of our road (wherever that was) that sold sweets etc plus comics. l was into the Green Lantern at the time, prefer Spider-Man now.

Some of the stuff on the sites seem familiar, such as Serangoon Market (where l might have bought my toy soldiers) and Hua Guan Av (where we might have lived). Don't know if l am just fooling myself with these but they sound about right. More investigation needed.

l did however, find the photo above on the website, which l am sure features me at the front, far left with the blonde hair. Tengah school 1968, just before coming back to Liverpool in time to catch the 1968 European Cup Final. Result!

more turkey scans

scanner up and running! Turkey stuff

Well, it's only taken about two or three years to rig up our scanner, but it is now up and running.
I can't believe l have left it so long, then again, sure l can - l am a lazy bastard.
Now that it is on and l have scanned some stuff, l may as well put them up, so here's a start with some menus etc from our recent trip to Turkey.
Think l wil just scan stuff at random in the future and put up a brief description to go with the scan. Only a matter of time till l scan my arse.
Toodle pip

return from turkey

Back again from the holiday in Turkey. Had a great time there, managed to relax a lot and also visit the odd place in our hire car. We stayed at a villa in the hills outside Dalyan, which had some great views, plus it helped that it was sunny every day apart from the day we were leaving, when we had a lot of thunder and lightning. This made taking off in the airoplane exciting, even though it was delayed because of the storms.
Anyway, it was hot hot hot. Just look at those photos!
Sadly l am back to work tomorrow, so l am making the most of my time off now (by doing bugger all). Never mind, l am off to Bulgaria next week - hurrah!!
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