Friday, 31 July 2009

Sir Bobby Robson

Sir Bobby Robson died today after his 5th bout of cancer. When l was in the Wine bar last Monday, there was a picture of Sir Bobby on the front of the Northern Echo at the England v Germany charity match. We said then he looked at deaths door but didn't thing he was that close to death.
Been listening to various radio stations while l have been out and about today and there have been a lot of tributes poring in, saying what a nice man he was and how much he loved football.
Fair enough with people saying he seemed like a nice man, but half the people spoken to had never met the man, and were stating things as though they were fact.
The radio presenters didn't help either. I know they have a job to do but some of the questions were pathetic. Asking ex players about Sir Bobby who admitted they had never played for him, just knew him a bit. Once again, fair enough. But they were then being asked "What was he like in the changing room at half time?" and "Did he give the hairdryer treatment at half time" when the player had already stated they had not been in a changing room with him.
Other people saying "He was lovely, always had time for people, such a nice man" etc and then saying "I have been crying all day about his death, mind you, I never met the man".
This to me just cheapens it all. He did seem to be a generous and nice man but who the hell am l to know?. Let his family get on with mourning as they are the ones that did know him. Feel sad or grieved if you want, but don't pretend you knew the man.

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

more jordan

Forgot to add something to the post below about Jordan (it is early). I don't for one minute begrudge her making all her money by whatever means, as she has been upfront (in more ways than one fnar fnar) about pretty much everything to do with her writing career, scents etc. She is obviously a smart woman who plays dumb and makes the most of what she has got (or what she has paid for to have enhanced).

Good luck to her, it's the idiots that buy her stuff that l despair for.

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So.. Jordan (Katie Price) has got a new fiction book out. l can't be bothered looking up the title or checking that the above picture features the correct book. l do however, know that she admits herself that she does not write them.

What kind of celebrity fascination drives people (kids and kids parents) to buy a book like this? Admittedly, a child (maybe) may have borrowed one at school, or read one not knowing about the author, (doubtful) and enjoyed it, therefore wanting to read another. But who the hell buys the first lot of books to spread the word. Fucking vapid idiots who would buy any sort of crap if it was wrapped up nicely and featured in Now!, or Hello, or whatever the plebs read nowadays.

l despair of my fellow working classes who buy into this bullshit, but at least they can blame a crappy education and a need to escape, and l suppose any reading is better than none if it leads onto proper books. l do however, suspect that a lot of the books, are being sold to the aspirant middle classes, (just a hunch, absolutely no figures on which to back it up).

Trust me though, l am right. And they are all idiots

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

more holidays!

Looks like my greasing at work is finally paying off. I am away to Turkey on holiday for the first two weeks in August and when l return to work, l go off to Bulgaria for a week from 21st - 28th September. All expenses paid. l should then be going on a cruise for a week/week and a half, also through work, also all expenses paid. l am sorting out voyages and options, but it looks like it will be the Med and Africa. Also just been told today that l can also go away at the end of October/November, somewhere undecided but hot, abroad, and all expenses again. Hurrah!!

l had been looking forward to getting swine flu so l could have a week/ten days in bed, but l suppose l should try and avoid it now. Mind you, l probably had it when l was in Portugal in May, as l was coughing for about the first four or five days away. Would probably have killed anyone else, but l am made of strong stuff.

Now l just need to sort out some nights away with work, staying in hotels and going to shows or concerts. Already got the 18th August sorted for York. it's a shame the only fellow at work doesn't want to go to football matches, or l would be unbearable (or should l say even more unbearable). Who cares - what a cushy job at the moment.

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Monday, 27 July 2009

exotic lager

Some of the beers l have knocked back this evening while dossing around. A fine selection from various countries - all tasting more or less the same.

I would rather drink Coke for the taste, but l like the effect alcohol has. Got them out today as Dazzer the swine flu boy and Louise called round, and l can't deal with people sober. All that was in the house was stuff bought back from trips abroad so it was a case of them or nothing. Going to keep the bottles as l like the look of them, maybe only keep one bottle of each as the house will end up like the house above.

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

old movies

Lazy day today doing bugger all. l have been lounging around watching football and films (after lounging around in bed reading the Sunday paper). Saw Lifeboat for the first time, pretty dated but still OK. Not as good as Ice Cold in Alex which has the same premise, IE people are thrown together in a small passenger craft (lifeboat and jeep), they are both trying to reach safety and both pick up a German and don't know whether to trust him, but have to rely on his expertise. Oh, nearly forgot, in both films they are desperate for a drink. Also pretty unbelievable how the rather lovely Sylvia Simms would fall for John Mills in Ice Cold in Alex, but that's the make believe glory of the movies. The old sad bastard with drink problems can still pull attractive young females. If only life was more like that. Hold on a minute....

Damn. l forgot in real life the sad old blokes are rich.

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Friday, 24 July 2009

stevie g

Steven Gerrard has been cleared of affray today, following a trial at Liverpool crown court. As he's been found innocent, here are the facts.

After Gerrard was initially questioned by police, his solicitor said: "He understands his obligations and responsibilities and this is completely out of character and out of the blue...he is extremely remorseful for what actually happened and certainly there wasn’t any intention for events to turn out that way."

CCTV footage clearly shows one of Gerrard's friends throwing the first punch at Marcus McGee. Then, Gerrard is seen to throw three punches - something he referred to in court as: .."very difficult [at the time] to explain to police why I did throw that first punch." Gerrard was then shown on CCTV being physically restrained by his friends. He's always maintained that he was acting in self-defence. 6 of his friends have already pleaded guilty to affray.

The judge, in clearing Gerrard, said: "The verdict is a credible verdict on the full facts of this case, and you walk away from this court with your reputation intact."

What a suprise he got off. The law is an ass

(with thanxs to peterthecook)

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

the rant continues

I have just been reading more about Alan Milburn and the proposals for schools. They have suggested a £7,000 payment to help underprivileged pupils who have high aspirations, to assist them to move to a better school. They admit this will be opposed by teachers, and rightly so. What about the rest of the pupils in the school that has been left? Surely they are entitled to a decent education as well. If all the gifted pupils leave the crappy schools, teachers will follow and the crappy schools will get worse, creating even more of an underclass of under performing and uneducated kids. Money should be ploughed into under performing schools to help everyone there. The private schools should be abolished and schools should all be state funded with decent teachers and amenities available to everyone. Some kids will never do well even if they are bright. Problems at home, an ingrained inferiority complex backed up by their peers and maybe just an unwillingness to learn, as there are other distractions (easy cash in hand money, girls, cars etc). Often these are the kind of people who do education later on in life, as they come to realise what they have missed out on. The opportunity to learn, however, should be there for everyone. If private schools have to continue (for whatever reason), intake should be limited so that only a percentage are paying pupils (half at most).
At the moment, seven percent of pupils attend private schools, but they make up seventy five percent of judges and seventy per cent of finance directors. That is obscene, and it is without taking into account the children who go to pretty exclusive schools that are not private. Bastards. Rant over - toodle pip

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

closed doors

Cracked it at last. I can now post videos as well as pictures (not that I have really tried before). Now I will have to desperately think of what to show. Expect lots of movies for a short while and then back to normal.

Meanwhile... just been reading the papers about the UK being an unequal society, where class and your background hold you back. What a fucking surprise. Alan Milburn says that it's about time the inequality was tackled to assist people from low social groups to prosper and have better opportunities.Also in the piece, he goes on about the middle classes also losing out on careers if they do not go to the right schools.
I have a pretty strong feeling that the reason it is being addressed now is because it is affecting the middle classes.
There are a lot more people getting Uni or Poly educations and therefore degrees. In the past, when fewer people got degrees, there was no problem for the middle classes (at least nowhere near on the same scale). Now that every Tom Dick or Harry (apart from me) has a degree, it ceases to be so impressive and does not open up career opportunities like it once did.
Let's face it though, the posh schools will continue to thrive and Oxbridge Uiversities will continue to provide the so called great and the good.
Eat the rich.

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nozzer looking a state

I think this will upload properly - nozzer and his war wounds. Just trying out the add video bit
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first uploaded video!

I think at last l have managed to upload a video - so here's Manchester United against West Ham from about 1978 - football and its fans are so different now

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Monday, 20 July 2009

nearly holiday time!!

Another day, another dollar. Slaving away at work recently but at least it’s not for long. Soon be holiday time, plus there are other things to look foreword to.
Have got a long weekend off this weekend, then it’s Richmond live the weekend after. Two weeks after that l am off to a wedding in Scotland, and then it’s off to Turkey for two weeks at the end of August. Have also just confirmed l am going to Bulgaria for a week in September (21st onwards). Staying in a five star hotel and all expenses paid. Hurrah!! Will also be the start of the football season in a couple of weeks (Charity Shield game against Chelsea). Been a long summer without football.

At work now but l am obviously not doing any work at the moment. Been a quiet day and the weather has been pretty damn good this evening, so we have had a relaxing day.

On the home front, Nozzer is still swollen on his cheek. Can’t wait to give that a squeeze tomorrow. Hope it clears up soon, poor little fellow.

Have also been trying to get some home movie footage posted, no luck so far but will persevere with it. That’s the lot for now, what excitement!

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Saturday, 18 July 2009

nozzer's back

Had to take litle Nozzer to the vets again yesterday as his right cheek had swollen up with puss again. They had to keep him in overnight to cut into it, clean it out, put in a capsule, give him anti-biotics and clean him and repeat this morning.
Went to pick him up earlier and he looks a state again, a bit like his daddy, but in his case all shaven and still a bit swollen (maybe if l have a shave...). Good to have the little boy home though, it wasn't the same going to bed last night without putting him to bed first.
Have to give him anti-biotics and clean him twice a day, then he returns to the vets for a check up on Thursday afternoon.
He sat on my shoulder coming home in the car and was jumping around (for joy l hope) when he heard us in the vets, but is a bit subdued at the moment. Probably been awake all night wondering what is happening to him.
l have said it before and l will say it again, l love that little bunny.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

sad bastard

Sometimes l amaze myself how sad l really am. Been off work all day and all l have been doing is reading stuff on the computer and downloading/listening to music. That by itself sounds a bit suspect, but part of the listening is an 8CD bootleg box set of the Rolling Stones called "The Satanic Sessions", consisting of studio sessions of songs from the (you've guessed it) Satanic Majesties album. Think that's sad? Oh no no no, it gets worse. The Cd's have no vocals on them, just repeated instrumentals of the songs from the worst Stones album from that period. Hours of them. Another day off tomorrow/later on and l will probably be doing the same.
Shoot me.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Operation Repo - Just Beat I t -

This is great once the son comes out and starts kicking off (1.50mins) Beat it!
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Realistic Robot Woman

Just think, programme it to stop nagging. Replace the nagging with "you're so good" and "you're so large".
Robot sex is nearly here!
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Friday, 10 July 2009

Good old Labour

Ah the good old days. Don't really trust any politician but do believe we should vote or stop complaining. Time for Labour to get back to basic principles. Bring back posters like the above. Fuck the rich bastards, tax them high or let them bugger off somewhere else. Use tax money to help the poor by providing a better transport system, education and health care. Think of the long term benefits. Surely that's not too radical an idea.

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Nozzer's gone mental

I don't have any idea what has happened to Norrin the indoor rabbit at the moment. He's gone crazy and won't leave you alone, especially if you have got some food. I started it by training him to stand up when he wanted food. That has now gone out of the window as he stands up every time he hears the fridge opening or the rustle of any paper. If you are eating food, he leaps all over you and will even go as far as putting his head in your mouth and licking your tongue (yes, I do let him and secretly enjoy that bit). He has also taken to laying flat out next to you on the settee, wanting attention and stroking. Was hilarious at first, now it is rapidly becoming a pain. be careful what you wish for. Still, I will miss him when he is gone, I love that little mite.

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

wrestling midgets

Wrestling Midgets 'Killed By Fake Prostitutes'

11:59am UK, Friday July 03, 2009

Two professional midget wrestlers found dead in a low-rent hotel room may have been drugged by female robbers, according to Mexican authorities.

Post mortems are being carried out on La Parkita - or Little Death - who wore a skeleton costume in the ring and Espectrito Jr.
The twin brothers, real names Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez, reportedly had been entertaining two prostitutes on the night of their deaths.
Police said two women were seen leaving the men's hotel room shortly before the bodies were discovered by a cleaner.
Prosecutor Miguel Angel Mancera said gangs of female robbers are experienced at using drugs to knock men out and rob them but they may have used too strong a dose.
The wrestlers' small stature means they may have succumbed to the drugs more easily, although larger men have also died in similar crimes.
The bodies of the two men, both aged 35, were found at a hotel a short distance from the Arena Mexico wrestling venue in Mexico City.
Midget wrestling had a huge following in the 50s and 60s but its popularity has waned across the world.
But the sport is still enormously popular in Mexico and fans are said to be mourning its two most famous stars.
You couldn't make up a story like this
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More Jacko

Why did no one pick up on it when he had shown all the signs of a heart attack? Wheezing noises, jerking of the arms, ashen complexion? I suppose to be fair he has been showing all those symptoms since the mid eighties. Had Jackson’s staff noticed something was wrong earlier he might have been saved, but when they saw him grab his left arm, go stiff and yelp they just thought he was practising his moves for Beat It.

It’s not known what triggered the heart attack, but High School Musical 3 was on cable at the time.

(with thanxs to Frankie Boyle)

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Friday, 3 July 2009

man or woman

Which one of these is a woman? Most people's brains tell them it is the one on the left (the lighter one). In fact the pictures are identical except for the fact one has been made lighter. The features were computer generated using a mixture of male and female features.

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milky way

Pretty cool footage of the night sky - don't think l have posted it before

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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died.

And so it goes on

Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat

Much as l have an instant dislike for anyone called Victoria (Class war etc), it is pretty cool what she does here

More Jacko

This is one of the best things l have read about Jacko recently.

Spin Magazine’s Steve Kandell had the best take on his death, refusing to find a reason to reconcile the two sides of Jackson: “Iconic pop stars should be weird and unknowable, that’s what we’re paying them for… they should be shooting their televisions and comparing themselves favorably to Jesus and collecting African babies at will and sleeping in hyperbaric chambers with well-dressed chimpanzees and possibly, regrettably, kindergartner's. Because we cannot. We need them to live lives we’ll never know, lives we shouldn't’t know.”

Don't get me wrong. I try to live my life like a pop/rock star (Keith Richards - how predictable), but l agree. Pop/Rock stars are there to lead the lives that others want or dare not lead.
Still don't empathise with Jacko too much though

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