Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Moonwalk 1983) Motown 25 Live

When the magic was still tere


These are the best jokes l have heard so far re Jacko

As Jacko was fighting for his life in the ambulance the doctor said 'I think we should start cpr'.
The paramedics said 'no we should start the heart massage"
The driver said "no we should an adrenaline drip."
Then Jacko gasping for breath said 'fuck me, you wanna be starting something,you gotta be startin something'.

When Farrah Fawcett arrived in Heaven, God was such a big fan he decided to grant her one wish.
She asked that all the children in the world could be safe. So God killed Michael Jackson.

How do l feel about him dying? Not bothered at all. It was a bit of a waste (to say the least) as he had it all and then was so fucked up he didn't seem to enjoy it. Who knows if he was really a fiddler - he may well have been, but people will make up any kind of story for a lot of money, so l don't necessarily believe the kids who made the allegations.
The music was brilliant at times, but to me the peak was Billie Jean at the Motown awards. Downhill after that as far as l am concerned. Although he still knocked out some more top tunes,
the music never touched me emotionally. Though, l thought some of it was excellent and clever, and Jacko sure could move, a lot of other music means a lot more to me.
Think it is crap that so many people are buying his records now. If they liked him that much, they should have bought them when he was alive. Let's face it, it seemed as though he needed the money then.
Like a lot of other people, l've got the Jackson 5 stuff, Thiller, Off the Wall and Bad, but l haven't felt the need to play any of them since his death.
Guess l am just more interested in other stuff - like waiting for he new football season to start. Summer is crap without the footie.

Penny Lane: Literal Video Version

Back agin with agreat idea and video! MORE TOMORROW!! hold on to your coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

toodle pip

Thursday, 25 June 2009

I am back (again!)

OK, l have let myself down, the blog down, and anyone who reads the blog down. It is just not good enough, I have been slacking once again and not been posting, even though I keep thinking I will be more regular. I shall give myself a damn good thrashing and try to do better in the future (yeh yeh, all been said before).

Anyhoos - been a busy old weekend. Went to Cambridge for Martin and Carols wedding on Saturday, then drove to south of Oxford where I used to live for a look around and a drive out. Had a great time at the wedding and saw an old school friend on the Sunday that I had not seen for about 35 years (he's in the black next to the fat stripey bloke)

May go into more detail about the weekend at another time, but at least there are some photos to show for now