Sunday, 24 May 2009

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

old footie

I've been watching some old football matches on TV recently and it's amazing how much the game has changed. lt resembles football but from a completely different planet, the pitches are muddy, the tackles flying in (with hardly any bookings), hardly any foreign players and loads of old crowd chants that you don't hear at grounds anymore. Makes me realise how much l miss some of the chanting. Favorites are :
"You're going to get your fucking heads kicked in"
"We'll meet you in the car park"
"We're United, we're mental, we're off our fucking heads"
"Six foot two, eyes of blue, big Jim Holton's after you"
Also the Manchester United song that is "We are United, the cocks of the North. We hate you Scousers, you Cockneys of course (and Leeds)" ls missing the "and Leeds" bit. When did that come in? Seems as though it was always there. The song doesn't sound right now without it.
God l am getting old - still, Manchester United should beat Wigan tonight to nearly win the title. Hopefully clinch it against Arsenal at the weekend, when l will be watching the game in Budapest. Bring it on!
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Monday, 11 May 2009

Nearly holiday time (again)

Last day at work coming up tomorrow, then it's a couple of days off before heading off to sunny Budapest. Suppose l had better sort out some funds for the trip (Hungarian Croats?) as it will probably take a bit longer to get the money exchanged. Off to the pictures tomorrow night at work, so it's not exactly going to be difficult work (mind you, depends what the film is like that we decide to see).

May have to cut to grass while l am off, its getting mighty long now, though l am tempted to pay someone to cut it for me. l will see how l feel and what the weather is like this week.
Speaking off which, the six day forecast in the Observer today has it down as fair weather for the next couple of days, then rain for the rest of the week. l still do not believe they can forecast more than 2 or 3 days in advance so l will keep an eye on it. Mind you, it's difficult not to keep an eye on the weather, unless l stay in bed all day, which, let's face it, is always an option.

Only just managed to get onto the computer today as Mandy has had it in constant use doing her Uni work. Gives me ample time to watch footie and read though. Beat Manchester City today and should stuff Wigan on Wednesday. lf that all goes according to plan, it means Manchester United will hopefully win the league against Arsenal while we are in Budapest. Hurrah!

Haven't watched tonight's Reunion of Fawlty Towers yet, just seen some clips. What the hell is wrong with Connie Booth now? She looks like an old grannie with too much white make up on. For Gods sake (there is no God by the way), sort it out!

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Thursday, 7 May 2009

pass the acid

Very trippy maaaaann


Little Nozzer is still not too good at the moment. His head healed up while l was away so l had to take him to the vets to get him sliced up again, so we could get all of his gunk out. lt's a messy job but someones got to do it. He must be getting sick of it by now, his little leg was vibrating and he was making little squeaking noises. Poor little sod. Only good thing about it is that he does not seem affected by it once he is put on the floor again. Plus l am able to come home from work to see to him, which gives me a break. Still looks a right state though.

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Chelsea Hill

Feels so good watching this again

chelsea v barcelona

Just watched the second leg of the Chelsea v Barcelona game and loved it. Good to see Chelsea so annoyed with the decisions and losing their cool at the end, especially Drogba. Maybe if he had not been such an unlikable, cheating, diving, petulant cry baby, (and yes l do follow Manchester United and people think that of Ronaldo), he may have got the decisions going for him. Brilliant that he didn't. Hope he gets a long suspension for his antics at the end.
Some of the fuss about the penalties was over the top. Jamie Rednap sprouting on about the ref coming from Norway is such a narrow minded view, whether he had a good game or not, he is still an experienced referee who has been officicating international matches for over 10 years and has already refereed loads of Champions League games.

Drogba doesn't do himself any favours. When there was a perfectly good tackle against him in the penalty area which the referee got right, he flung himself around like a cat that had been thrown into a bath. The referee sees that sort of cheating and petulance, and may have doubts later on if Drogba is appealing again, (the only time Drogba is appealing).

l am biased and don't like Chelsea, but some of the stuff the Sky panel were coming out with was unbelievable. They are meant to be experts and get paid a lot of money for their views, but handball has to be deliberate, never mind if the ball is heading towards to goal. elka may or may not have been clipped, but he definitely clipped himself and went down. Drogba got his shirt pulled but then clipped himself and dived in the opposite direction to which he was being pulled. If he had not tried to elaborate on the foul and dive spectacularly, it would probably been given.

It all serves Chelsea right for trying to cheat their way through the first game, with loads of niggly fouls to prevent Barcelona playing (and Henry should have had a definite penalty in the first game).

Although l think Barcelona are the better team and may prove more difficult for Manchester United to beat in the final, l am more than glad they got through. Think f all the stick Manchester United got a few years ago when Stam and Keane were in the referees face. Ballack and Drogba should have action taken against them. Ballack a short ban, Drogba shot.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

mick and keith

The origional Glimmer Twins - Mick and Keith in Albufiera


Ochos d' Agua

Well, what a surprise. Went to Portugal for a week and had good intentions of writing something every night, but with one thing and another (late nights, vodka and coke etc), didn't write a thing.

Here's the short summary.

Flew into Faro airport and got a taxi to the apartments (Clube Humbria). lt was all inclusive so settled in and got a drink and chilled out in the evening. Stayed at a place called Ochos d' Agua (eyes of the sea) which was pretty quiet and had a nice empty beach (last two photos).

Didn't do a lot during the week, it was mainly lying around in the sun, listening to my ipod and reading (Candide by Voltaire (again!) - great book).

Also went exploring the area nearby, or should l say nearby in a taxi. Vilamoura was expensive looking with a pretty good Marina. Also had Figo and China's bar, a place half owned by Louis Figo, with lots of memorabilia and photos on the walls.

Albufiera was North of us, lots of bars and music so obviously spent a couple of days there.

Apart from that, nothing. Managed to catch all the football when l was out there, first legs of the European cup semi finals, Manchester United v Boro and Barcelona v Real Madrid (6-2). Busy busy busy.

Got a great tan but some of it is peeling off now. l'll have to hit the sunbed to keep it up (ooeer).

Anyhows, l am now back and back at work later on today. Only have six days work before heading of to Budapest, so things aren't too bad at the moment.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

3-1 against the arse

Another great result from the wonderful Manchester United. Have to say l was a bit worried before the game and was kind of expecting a draw, but this was so much better than l anticipated. Good that the first two goals went in so early, which meant l could relax and enjoy the rest of the game from then on.
It's ridiculous that Darren Fletcher cannot appeal against his red card and suspension from the final. he's not exactly having a great year, as it was no so long ago that his house was robbed, with his missus being held at knife point in front of his kids. Hopefully United will be back in the final next year a s well. bring on Barcelona (with a bit of luck), rather play them in the final than Chelsea.
Portugal report and pictures to follow soon.
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