Sunday, 26 April 2009


Once again United pulled it out of the bag and gave me faith (you've got to have faith, as George Michael reminded us back in the day.
Went to the Lodge (the jockey) to meet Lonnie (who turned up with Ditchie) to watch the game, but it was on canal TV rather than Setenta. hence no English commentary (which l thought was a bonus), but more importantly, we were about the only people in there.
Decided to go to the Arc when it was 1-0 to super Spurs, but by the time we had wandered down there it was 2-0. Bastardo!
Also though, agreed Manchester United were playing well and felt confident that if they stuck to their attacking principals (not that they had much choice by then), they might get back into the game and get a result.
Turned out better than that. After walking into the Arc and getting loads of abuse as it was 2-0, it all changed round as the game went on. fantastic scenes all round and it was the first time l have had tears in my eyes when a goal went in since the 2-1 against Bayern in the European cup final (in old money). Joy Joy Joy all around my world. How can life get much better.
Just remembered (as if), going to Portugal for a week tomorrow with work, all expenses paid. Back of the net son!
Will write stuff on the new small note paddy computer while l am away and post it when l get back (lf l get back in one piece). Till then, let's sing along........"that's why we're the champions, champions of Europe" etc etc.
better go to bed now. Getting picked up at 11am and l haven't packed yet. Hey Ho, it will all be sorted in the morning (but it won't be easier).
Yes l am a bit pissed again (Champions of Europe)
toodle pip

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

2-0 to United - that's we're the champions - champions of Europe.

On the other hand, it was a great second half last night with a 4-4between rsenland Liverpool

More importantly, spent some time with a young girl tonight who was by herself (call the cops) who was going through a shit time wither boyfriend. Lets do the math. He is married and older than her, plus he has a couple of kids.

Haveto finish now as l can't work out how to do the spell thingie without having things delated (see time wither above) plus looking back - Haveto

l'll finish my tale about the young girlie another time

Bastard computers

tooodle pip

Another thing

To make changes up above - made it worse -it's not my typing and imcompitence (for a change) The more l try to sort it out, the worse it gets

See you in Hell (or whatever layers of Hell will sort out this computer crap)

Ata gess l would say it is full of geeks who know how to access free porn - also, as l type it is still fucking up, much as l try to change the mistakes.

Maybe hell is what l am suffering now

toodle pip again

Monday, 20 April 2009


New film - Crank

Jason Statham has to keep restarting his artificial heart while he tracks down the triad men who have stolen his real one.

When l heard about this a couple of weeks ago l thought it was an April fools joke.

God help us all.

toodle pip


Well, what a bastard. Man Utd (God bless 'em) have lost the cup semi final to Everton.
Much as l hate Liverpool, l have never minded the boys in blue (apart from the rozzers).

Being a positive upbeat kind of guy, l think 'what the hell', they had a weakened team out and there are other trophies more important. Then again, l also think it's a Goddamn shame, as the old bastard in me (ooeer once again), harks back to the days when a league and cup double was important. As long as we haven't rested players to win the league and European cup (in old money), and then fuck it up, l won't be too bothered. Also, a penalty shoot out never feels right, win or lose. Obviously l am happy United beat Chelsea in the European cup final (old money) last year, but it's not as good as winning in normal time.

Please please (let me get what l want) don't mess up the rest of the season. That's all l ask. l suffered enough during the dark 70's and 80's, my time is now.

toodle pip

Friday, 17 April 2009

pirate bay

lt's just been on the news about the Swedish guys who set up Pirate Bay website being sentenced to a year in jail each and ordered to pay back millions in compensation to record and movie companies. As if they have the money to do that. What they set up was illegal and may have cost record or film companies money in lost sales, but other sites will be up and running which will offer the same kind of service very soon. In fact the Pirate Bay site has not been closed down yet and other sites are already out there and freely available to anyone who has half a brain and wants free music or films (me and a load of 14 year olds).

The companies themselves are to blame for their own downfall. When albums were on vinyl, they complained that 'home taping is killing music' when people were making copies of albums on cassette. lf people taping albums had enough money, they would buy the actual album afterwards (if it was any good). Taping mates albums onto cassette gave you a chance to listen to more stuff, get into music more, get interested in other acts and spend money on albums, blank tapes and concerts. Nothing though, could replicate owning the actual album (or single). lt was an item to be horded, treasured, looked at, and played endlessly.

With the advent of CD's, the companies had no qualms about charging a fortune for them, people parting with their hard earned dosh again, replicating their album collections onto the new 'improved' format that apparently sounded miles better and on a disc that was indestructible and would last you forever. This went on for way too long, until the companies shot themselves in the foot by allowing the public to make CD copies of albums onto blank, printable Cd's, with the technology to print their own covers, therefore replicating the CD's in shops for minimal cost. Fucking idiots. Who then, would want to continue paying over the odds for a product that can be replicated in your own home? Add onto that the fact that a persons emotional attachment to an album has gone, due to CD's being so poorly packaged, there's no way the companies could continue with the strategy they had. They now know they are in deep shit, hence the abundance of cheap CD's available everywhere and the closure of record shops. Then they try to blame everything on download sites. lt's too late to stop downloading and copying now, and it serves the bastards right. Power to the people (right on).

The same thing happened with movies/videos and DVD's. Only difference was they held less of an emotional attachment. Now the companies are trying to sell us the same films again on High Def or Blu Ray. Next up will be 3D and another promotion by the companies to sell the same stuff again, only 'new and improved, an experience like you have never had before, just like being there' etc. Might go for the 3D movies though.

Anyhows, they reap what they have sewn, and although pleading poverty, are still raking in the dosh. not for too long hopefully.

And don't get me started on the death of the single/Top of the Pops/advance single promotion/lack of interest in the charts by just about everyone. l may have to take up drink (oops, too late - l'm already indulged in a wee dram).

Off to download some top tunes for free now - fuck the police!

Toodle pip


l know it's not the New Year and l have said it before, but l am going to try and knuckle down and get into the habit of writing - every day if l can. Even if it is only five minutes waffle about crap(which is what l normally talk anyway), l will try to get something down (ooeer).

l actually started some stuff while l was at work, on a small laptop. trouble is l couldn't work out how to transfer the stuff onto my memory stick, and the stuff l wrote is now out of date and l can't be bothered posting it now. l shall persevere with it so l can still write while l am at work (as l don't actually do a lot when l am there) then post it the next day.

Suff that's happened recently.

Had a really good night out in the Boro on Good Friday. All day session with Mandy, Robbo, Kerrie, Dazzer, Louise, Danny, Gill, Matt, Chris, Hilary, Nat, Lisa, Steph, Paul, The Head and others l can't remember. Photos are on facebook if you know where to look. l am not giving a link as l have no quality control over them (no press - no publicity).
Got back late and were then given a visit from the Police as some little bastards had been down the road slashing car tyres, including our own. Luckily it was only the one tyre so l put the spare one on in the morning (l'm macho man! - l'll take that knife and shove it up your arse!).

Went for a meal with Kerry and Robbo the next day at the hotel up the road from them - can't remember the name of it at the moment (Cross keys maybe?). Had some superb oysters with paprika and double cream (still sticking to the diet) and drank lots of Bailies (how do you spell that word? ls that right?). Put the world to rights and then back to sunny Catterick, where l got dropped off any stayed out with the boys till about 9pm. Splendid weekend.

Coming up - more bloody work. But also.... trips to Portugal and Budapest. Hurrah!!

Lets see if l can keep this up (ooeerr, phnar phnar etc - oh my sides are splitting)

toodle pip

PS Just re-read the post before publishing and realised l didn't make a joke about knuckling down at the begining. Must be getting (more) senile. Damn

my favorite number

Pretty catchy song!

Maximum number for people on relaxing holidays!

Billy Bob Thornton 'Blow Up' on Q TV

l wonder if he is on drugs? They cancelled the rest of the Canadian tour after this as they were "unwell".

Thursday, 16 April 2009

album art war

Bet that took some time doing

1 - 0 to the champions

Wasn't expecting too much from Porto away but what a result (1-0 to the champions!).

So overjoyed with the score l went and got pissed afterwards dressed as a sailor, meeting some real ones on the way. Had a bit of a sing song with them and the night went a bit woozey after that. Great night out - although my bottom seems a bit sore today.

Here's the vid of me singing - enjoy!

toodle pip

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Stairway To Heaven - The Beatnix

never heard of these before but this is pretty damn good



United 3 Villa 2

Macheda - a new hero

What a game - my poor heart is going to pack in one of these days. l really thought United had blown it, but thank fuck for a bit of magic from Macheda. He did what l used to dream about doing (amongst other stuff), but l couldn't be happier for him. Hope United don't mess it up now, couldn't stand it if Liverpool were to win the title this year. Bring on Porto!

toodle pip

Friday, 3 April 2009

hamster in a wok

l need to exercise like this