Friday, 5 December 2008

Thursday, 4 December 2008

snow and rabbit

Here's the view this afternoon from our front and back gardens. Guess what? lt's been snowing. Notice the snowman in the garden with no nose (we didn't have any carrots). l had nothing to do with it, Mandy was out in the garden in the morning as she could not go into work because she was snowed in. l missed my appointment with the consultant (they are sending me another one) and l am off work for a couple of days as l have the flu. Hurrah! Life is sweet again. Didn't get up till 11.45am (no great change there then) and have been watching films (Fistful of Dollars, Paris l love you, Son of Sam) all day while Mandy has been doing her college work. Also been bathing Nozzer as he has a matted scab on the side of his cheek after his operation to get his lump removed. That rabbit can't half struggle when he puts his tiny mind to it. it's nearly off now so he won't have to suffer much longer. We should just chuck him outside to get it soaked in the snow. Maybe tomorrow.
Toodle pip


God l am getting lazy (er). Have not posted for a while and yet l have not exactly been rushed off my feet. Putting in the hours as usual at work, but had a good night out with Robbo in the Boro on Friday night. Wanted to stay out a bit longer but age is catching up with him, so it was a KFC and back home.
The next day we went with the girls to the Cross Keys hotel for lunch and had a good laugh about Christmas and my inadequacies. Bloody cold though, ice everywhere.
Nothing much else has happened recently, been to the Wine bar, been to work, been shopping with my sister and dossing around reading and listening to stuff (still so so so many things l want to hear).
Meant to be going to see the consultant about my knee tomorrow morning, but if it is freezing cold l may give it a miss and re-arrange it. l'll see how l feel when l wake up. Should just be telling me what he has done already, although hopefully he'll say it needs more work (more time off!!). Ended up being off for five weeks after the last operation, here's hoping for another one!
That's it, better get to bed l suppose, if l have to be up early. Bah humbug.
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christmas advent calander - punk style