Sunday, 16 November 2008

children in need

I love Children in Need - its one of the few times I get a chance to review the up to date logo's of all major high street banks and retailers; find out if there's anything on the current BBC schedules I might have missed; listen to new music from the most heavily plugged, mainstream music acts; decide if I want to buy a ticket for a soon-to-open West End musical and...........that's about it I think. All in the name of charity of course which is such a relief.

animation / video on walls and the pavement

This is one of the best animation/videos l have ever seen. Done on walls and the pavement

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Reg varney

Reg Varney (born 1916), star of On The Buses has died. He had seen a lot of life. On The Buses ended in 1973 - he did a series called Down The Gate in 1975, then he appeared in Eric Sykes' The Plank in 1979 before effectively retiring to paint and play the piano. Let's praise him with this fact: On 27 June, 1967, Reg Varney was the first person in the world to use a cashpoint machine. The first ever electronic ATM was installed at Barclays Bank in Enfield, North London, and Reg was the first to use it. OK, Here's another. In 1971 (l think, too bored now to look and check), On the Buses grossed more at the box office in the UK than the newly released James Bond film. He was a proper star. Gawd bless him and his turtleneck jumper and his eye for the clippies. (He was already in his fifties when he was chasing those birds with Jack down the depot.) In those happy far away days it was fine to be a sad old bastard without matinee good looks, because all the young tottie (supposedly) loved their bawdy humour and would happily agree to sleep with them (or at least indulge in a bit of slap and tickle) for a couple of milds and a bag of crisps. Now l am a sad old bastard myself l say " Bring back the 1970's". Then there would still be a modicum of hope for me. RIP me old mucker.

PS Watching On the Buses nowadays, one thing strikes you slap in the's shit.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It's not always cool being rock and roll. Went to bed at 12.30am as l have to be up early tomorrow to pick up my car (8am!!!!). l've been listening to podcasts of Steve Jones (from the Sex Pistols) and can't sleep. Still too early for the land of nod so l am now back up and keeping myself occupied by waffling on the blog. Been out to the wine bar early on, talking to some mad drunken (when l left him) 6' 2'' skinhead called Den. l think that was his name, but seeing as everyone is called Den, Del, Dem, Daz, Baz, Maz, Gaz or whatever, l don't bother remembering - l just called him Double D. The boy certainly can't play pool and was lucky l was feeling nice. After betting him and saying we were playing for £20, l refused it when he tried to pay up. Don't mind betting and winning (or losing now and again) , but don't want to take the piss too much.

Also found out that Graham (who used to run the Hildyard Arms) has died. Two of the lads l know are married to his daughters and l used to drink there on a regular basis, so l am going to go to his funeral if l can. He was a lot like Russel Harty but put up with a lot of crap from myself and other people when l was younger and used to drink there. Mind you, whether or not he was gay, l was one hell of a good looking young buck in them days. Hate to admit it but some of my mates were as well, so he may have had ulterior motives for putting up with us.

l would just like to state after that, nothing went on and he was sound, sounded effeminate but was a nice bloke. l still have the pub sign from the 1980's saying no underage drinking (that l stole from there).

He was never the same after the place was robbed and he got a hammer on his head. Kids today have no class. l know the brother of the lad who robbed it and he is a nice lad, a bit like Jim Holton (6' 2'' eyes of blue, big Jim Holton's after you). Don't anticipate him being at the funeral though (no, l don't mean Jim Holton).

Talking about it tonight (the funeral) and realised what old bastards we are. lt used to be you would see lads at Christmas or Bank holiday Monday, now it is funerals and remembrance days. At least everyone wants to get pissed after a funeral, so it doesn't spoil the whole day.

That's it - time to get up to no good (poor little Nozzer) and back to bed (it's taken ages typing this, l'm crap at it).

Vote Obama

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

bonfire night celebration

We had a BBQ on Friday night, all the family round, setting off loads of fireworks. We then had a visit from a community copper saying it was illegal, as it was not Bonfire night. We were then told (or rather l was, as the house owner) that l may get a fine of £80 if we continue and the sergeant has to come round. Politely told him no problem, bring him round and we will risk getting fined. Luckily this made me into someone who was not scared, rock and roll, and more importantly, did not have to pay the fine as they never came back. Hurrah!
Sadly the gazebo we borrowed got blown over the next night so we have to buy another one. Not so good. Let's hope they're cheap.
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black man given worst job

This was in the Onion - great stuff

WASHINGTON—African-American man Barack Obama, 47, was given the least-desirable job in the entire country Tuesday when he was elected president of the United States of America. In his new high-stress, low-reward position, Obama will be charged with such tasks as completely overhauling the nation's broken-down economy, repairing the crumbling infrastructure, and generally having to please more than 300 million Americans and cater to their every whim on a daily basis. As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind. The job comes with such intense scrutiny and so certain a guarantee of failure that only one other person even bothered applying for it. Said scholar and activist Mark L. Denton, "It just goes to show you that, in this country, a black man still can't catch a break."

Saturday, 8 November 2008


What a crappy way to start the weekend, losing 2-1 to the Arse. United had some good chances but are not putting them away, mind you, Arsenal could have scored again. Bastards. Highlight of the day was Mandy getting over exited before the game when she saw Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow together (she's off to see Take That next summer). Glad someone in the household was happy. Went and had a bath for 4 hours to read and take my mind off it (l've just got out now). Time to hit the booze.

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Friday, 7 November 2008

waste time

Here's a great game to while away the hours. Drives you up the wall trying to get a good score

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obama rocks

So it's happened at last, the first black president of the USA (yes l know it's now old news). Must admit l was surprised by the outcome. Even though the polls said he was ahead and should win, things can easily change, especially as people may lie when they are asked who they are going to vote for.

Was in the USA not so long ago (September), which made me think Obama would not get in, as some blacks we talked to who were working class (and don't forget - black), said they were going to vote for McCain (who was very graceful in defeat), as they wanted a strong leader during these times of terrorism. Then again, every time there is an election in the UK, loads of working class people vote for the Conservatives. Terrorism or not. Idiots.
Anyway, glad he has got in, let's hope he does some good while in office. He has loads of support, he should be confident about what he wants to achieve and go for it. l do know he is unlikely to be seeking out my advice on how to run the country, but l am always at the end of the telephone line if he requires advice.
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