Sunday, 28 September 2008


Used to like this monologue/poem when l was younger

Saturday, 27 September 2008

strange place

This link will take you to one of the strangest places l have ever seen (when not on drugs)

l would certainly like to visit it

Toodle pip

Friday, 26 September 2008

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Christian the Lion *Reunion* !

Don't like the soppy music that goes with this, but it made me cry as well. l need counselling (no suprise there).

knee operation

Seen the consultant (Peter Parker) at Northallerton hospital today about my knee, which needs to be operated on as l have torn the ligaments, amongst other things. He is going to operate on it on 8th October. l will be leaving the hospital that afternoon, but the best news is l will be off work for about three weeks. That's right, three weeks of dossing about, reading, watching TV and Dvd's, listening to music and pratting about on the computer. Result!! Obviously l will be too ill and sore to do any decorating or housework, just amusing myself all day long. l think there may be a God after all.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ninja Cat

Here's a ninja cat to cheer me up after the last post.

not heard ac/dc

I was listening to a podcast from the Word magazine, when David Hepworth, a man who writes for them and has worked at Smash Hits and on the Whistle Test, admitted he did not know a single AC/DC song. Fair enough if he had not seen a particular, cult or famous film, as they take anything between 1 - 3 hours out of your life (or more). l am not even a big fan of AC/DC, although l do like their early stuff with Bon Scott singing. It is the fact that he is paid to work in music, commentate on and review music, and should have an open mind about different types of music, at least giving bands and songs a listen, and therefore a chance.

Obviously it is not possible to listen to everything, but this is a band who have had huge International success for many years, have had hit singles (when singles still mattered) and top selling albums.

Instead of just owning up to the fact, and sounding as though he is not going to bother listening to them, he should get off his arse and listen to a couple of them, after taking advice as to what is considered their best songs. It's his fucking job to do so, and if he is too old and blase to take in new sounds and experiences, even though the band may not be fashionable enough to him, he should pack in or get the boot.

If l went for a job on a music magazine and admitted l had never bothered listening to Led Zep, Bowie, Iron Maiden, Westlife, even Gareth fucking Gates, l would be drummed out of the office. At least make time and listen to a couple of songs, then say it's shit and you're not interested. Then you can retire to the safety of your Nilsson albums (who he loves). I bet he would not be slow off the mark if a batch of "World" music came in, or maybe he would just be better off reading war books and listening to documentaries on the radio (which he also loves).

I know l am rambling (what a surprise), but the worst thing is l like a lot of what he writes, read his blog and subscribe to the Word. Just angry and feeling let down by someone l thought was reviewing things with more of an open mind. l am still getting over the fact that sometimes cds are sometimes not listened to properly before reviewing them, ie The Black Crowes, again not one of my favorite bands, but to say "you know what their new album sounds like without listening to it", may be true, but this could also apply to numerous bands. If music journalists can't be bothered doing their job properly, they should piss off and let someone else do it. Not everybody is loaded, so if l am foolish enough to spend some of my hard earned on a music magazine or paper, l at least expect a well informed and rounded opinion. Christ, l wish l had paid more attention in school and could write. Bastards!

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Monday, 22 September 2008

Sunday, 21 September 2008

swim little baby

Van Halen - Ruining Jump

This is so bad on every level. Listen to the guitar - the vocals - everything! Its so shit it's unbelievable. It used to be a good song ferchristsakes. l would be first in the line asking for my money back.

new york 2008 plus united v chelsea

Just returned from New York with Mandy, Kerry, Robbo, Dazzer and Louise. Great time had by all, lots of drink (without drugs!!), football and sightseeing. Nearly forgot, lots of food as well. Will sort out some photo's and stick some up. l will have to try and find some where we look attractive, that may take some time. Work again on Tuesday, can't wait for it, as l am sure you can guess. It's about time one of my so called mates or family came into a load of money so l can retire. Can't believe it when people say they are bored when not working. Don't get me started on people winning the lottery and then going back to work. Bastards! They should give the money to me, l would enjoy it (and fill my house with even more junk). Dossing around at the moment, not doing anything, chilling out, relaxing, feet up with a Vodka and Orange, waiting for Match of the Day 2.

Watched Manchester United against Chelsea earlier, happy with a point beforehand but we nearly nicked the three, which would have been great, as it would have ended Chelsea's undefeated home record. Never mind - not playing too good at the moment but l am sure it will come good. Gotta have faith in Fergie!
Also got some tickets for the return match at Old Trafford for my birthday, drinks and train fare included!! Something to look foreward to after Christmas (it's on Jan 10th - the game that is, not celebrating Christmas at a different date).

Off to look at crap on t'internet, will probably post other stuff later.

Toodle pip

rock band documentary from scotland

This has got to be a set up - can't believe it's real, although it reminds me of first forming a band!
Click on the link, as l can't work out how to do it directly

"Your attitude determines your altitude - how high do you want to fly?"

The Three Little Bops

What a cartoon!

Monday, 8 September 2008

HOLIDAYS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Finished work! Hurrah !! Holidays coming up !! Birthday in a couple of days !! In Manchester tomorrow!! New york on Wednesday!! Life is now sweet.
Off to get some dollars in a few minutes (nothing leaving it till the last moment). Was going to write about seeing the Ian Siegel band in Darlington on Friday night with Powlie and Deb, but can't be bothered (bothered??). Maybe another time. Manchester United against Liverpool on Saturday!! Watching it in New York then off to Harlem!! What a life
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Saturday, 6 September 2008

l'm back

Wrote this a couple of days ago at work, but had trouble with my memory stick. Sorted it at last.

Well, it’s happened at last –the blog is back!
Been pretty damn busy recently as l have been trying to download or get every album l have ever wanted before my birthday next week. This has taken many, many lonely and sad hours in front of the computer. More or less cracked it now so it maybe a return to some kind of normal (ish) life.
Also been off work for a week, to use up some holiday leave. You would think l would have done something with my time (apart from turning into super geek), but l didn’t and don’t care. My collection of cd’s and my ipod are bursting with joy.
Went out on Sunday night with Robbo, Kerry, Louise and Dazzer for Robbo’s birthday. Meal out in the Boro, (what a surprise). We went to Joe Riggatonie’s in Linthorpe road, which was really empty. Good thing really as lots of drink was consumed and we (OK, maybe me) would have been loud. Got him an England shirt with J.Cole and number 10 on the back. Wouldn’t want one myself, but Robbo does love Joe Cole. Stopped off at the Wine bar on the way home, then Mandy left me to play pool and prat about, as my sister and other lads were about. Straight to bed more or less when l got in, as l have been staying up late and getting up early for a week or so. Training for New York next week.
Sadly, l am back at work till Monday afternoon, can’t have everything.
Till the next time…Toodle pip