Monday, 31 March 2008

Midnight Express truth revealed by Alinur Part-1

Just watched the film Midnight Express again - great film, but it shows all the Turks to be gits, which they are not, they are some of the nicest people l have ever met. The film says it is based on a true story but the book is completely different. Here's an interesting interview with William (Billy) Hayes, the person the film was based on.

Midnight Express truth revealed by alinur. Part 2

Sunday, 30 March 2008

united edge closer

Great win for Manchester United yesterday ( against Villa ). 4 - 0 and it could have been a lot more. Arsenal had a great comeback but l still think Chelsea are the team to be worried about. Let's hope the Boro get a result today. l don't expect them to but a draw would be nice. l will be up at the Boro on Sunday for the game against United. Hope we get a better day than last year. Good result but me and Robbo got thrown out for trouble making in the Boro end after only 15 minutes - and it was the Boro fans who started on us after Robbo foolishly told one of them l am a United fan. The stewards bottled it and were wankers, but never mind, United won. Roma on Tuesday as well. Football at this time of the year is better than normal as every match is so important. What a great game! Toodle pip

Friday, 28 March 2008

the morning after the night before

Don't we all look happy! At the Coronation in Boro

new york

l love going to New York. Yes l know it's a cliche and everyone loves it but it's true. Even without the twin towers it still looks great. Took this photo on the Staten lsland ferry. Can't wait to go back ( September this year ).

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Old Greg

the mighty boosh at their finest

New York Dolls - Jet Boy (Old Grey Whistle Test, 11-73)

Another classic!

NEIL INNES - PROTEST SONG - Rutland Weekend Television

Classic stuff - and l am a big Dylan fan. Remember seeing this when l was a kid.

you tube vids

As you can see below - l have sussed out how to post videos from you tube properly. Look out for loads more ( stops me having to post so much ). Toodle pip

Status Quo- Caroline - Disco 1973=



Top song and video - check it out

This is our decision to live fast and die young - we've got the vision - now let's have some fun.

arctic monkeys / shadow puppets

Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) & Miles Kane (The Rascals) are The Last Shadow Puppets.

This song is great - undertones of scott walker doing jaques brel. Love the arctic monkeys but this is completely different. looking foreward to the album.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

words as weapons

Why does everyone ( organisations ) feel the need to change expressions all the time. l understand the reasoning if it sounds really bad - ie the spastics society. Words become weapons in piss taking, but sometimes it becomes too sad. What is the difference between service users or residents - who cares. learning difficulties or learning disabilities - who cares. Bi polar or manic depressive - who cares. Tonic clonic or grand mals - who cares. Nutters, spazzies, whatever people have said in the past may become irrelevant in the future. Some blacks are trying to reclaim nigger. Don't know if that is right or wrong as l am not black. What l do know is any terms that are at the moment " right on " will become piss taking terms in the future ( ld's - special needs etc ). People should treat other people with love and kindness ( not that l always do it myself as l am a piss taking twat ), but words are just sounds. be nice to people, if they are your mates, feel free to take the piss. The main thing is, do piss taking on an equal footing. let them be able to take the piss back as much as they want without either of you getting upset. Don't be racist or a twat. Don't try to impress your mates with being post modern etc. Be cool and say what you want to with others, but say it with love underneath. The lesson from a drunken fool has ended. toodle pip

test your ears

Which of these clips do you think sounds best? With thanxs to Patrick Crosley.

l guessed right!

good friday in the boro

Still not posting as much as l would like – still trying to discipline myself ( oo er ).

Good Friday in M’bro was excellent – went through early to meet Robbo and Kerry (our best mates) and then a taxi into town for about 1.30. Told there had been a load of raids on pubs ( apparently the Coronation had been done twice ) so we thought it may be an interesting day.
Decided to go to the House on Linthorpe road for the first drinks, plus a bite to eat (chips! – yum yum). Was having a fine old time on the big round table by the door, even though it meant we were sitting miles apart from each other. Were joined by Kerry’s brother Matty and his flatmate Pee Wee, who is a bouncer in the Boro. Kerrys other sister Gill and Danny her husband also met up with us and then it got silly. Obviously we do not do anything illegal, but everyone during the day was on pills or coke, which made conversations ridicules.
The Southfield and the Crown were no better – mad talk and lots of games of pool ( l am superb – undefeated during the day )..
Remember dancing to Family Affair and Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone, getting my hair tied back by the girls, chatting to Pee Wee about his dodgy past, cleaning, coke, and ecstacy changing the face of football violence ( that’s another story ). Mandy behaved herself, Robbo flaked out, Kerry chatted non-stop and l explained to Matty how Ronaldo takes his free kicks ( with Matty trying to wind me up ).
Taxi back to Kerry and Robbos at Nunthorpe then time for bed.

Went to the Coronation for lunch and a few drinks as Mandy was reluctantly driving. Dropped off Kerry and Robbo at Teeside park then back to the wine bar. Chatted to Nikki the barmaid about the boob job she wants ( she is only 19 ) and back home to sleep. Found l was left with a pill in my back pocket. Wonder who put that there. Piss poor weather but a great time. Toodle pip

Thursday, 20 March 2008

out and about

Been another busy kind of week, working and wasting my time in pubs. Read Alex Fergersons diary from a few years bck - that is one busy man. Dosen't matter if you love or hate him, he puts the hours in. l manage to while away whole days dossing about and avoiding things l have to do till the last minute. Can't see that changing though.
Had a family do on Friday which we didn't leave till 3 am, so it must have been good. The other half certainly got drunk but managed to stroll home afterwards ok. Plenty of food, drink and piss taking, so l enjoyed it. Tried to hop some of the way home (as you do ) but had to give up. Dodgy knee. Nothing to do with old age or the drink.
Out again all day Tuesday in our local wine bar ( which we call the wine bar ! ). Playing pool, drinking and piss taking. Another fine day. l can see a pattern emerging. Not to keen on people chatting to me who l can't remember though. Have a lot of people round where l live that know me or know of me, but l do not always know them. Bit awkward when they try to speak to me for to long. Don't mind chatting for a little bit but not for too long ( unless they are interesting ).
People also have crazy memories, loads of people round here think they went to school with me or remember me when l was a kid, but l only moved to Catterick when l was 16. Mad bastards. Maybe it's me. Maybe l have gone mad and did actually go to school here.
Anyway - bank holiday tomorrow. Off to Boro with some mates for another all dayer. Have to get some rest and beauty sleep ( lord knows l need some of both ). Toodle pip

Friday, 14 March 2008

champions league draw

The draw for the champions league quarter finals has just been completed. Manchester United will play Roma and if they win that, they will play the winners from Shalke 04 or Barcelona. United against Barcelona should be a great semi final ( l hope ).
To my reckoning, and with lots of hope, l make Manchester United to be favorites. Arsenal have to beat Liverpool, then probably Chelsea, then United or Barcelona to win it. Liverpool have to beat Arsenal, then probably Chelsea, then United or Barcelona. Can't see Fernabahce beating Chelsea, but Chelsea would then have to beat Liverpool or Arsenal, then United or Barcelona.
With a bit of luck, United should beat Roma, then Barcelona in the semi final ( although that will be tough ) and one of the English teams ( which l think they would do ).
Personally, l would like all the other English teams to be knocked out and it to be a United against Fernabahce final. Think it will be Manchester United against Chelsea though, with United winning of course! Can't wait! toodle pip

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Bloody hell! Two posts in one day!!

Started to write (at long last ) my life story. Has taken a lot of prompts from people and it will need checking over and altered for the better when l have finished, but hey, it's on the go!
Not doing it in any order and l will try and be as honest as l can, although some names may need to be changed for legal reasons.
Not doing it an chronological order, just certain events, as they spring to mind.Once l have done quite a few l may have to think about it more and prompt people for their memories of events.
Doing it in cyberspace with no links so l can store it out of the way and avoid people finding and reading it. lt's also good if l want to wind up people by saying l have written about them, it's out there on the internet and they can't find it.
Imagine it will take me ages (if l don't die first). l need a secretary! toodle pip

T.Rex at the Georgian Theatre, Richmond

Been pretty busy this week so not kept updating. Will make more of an effort in the future - got to get into the habit.
Been to see T. Rex who are a tribute to the music of Marc Bolan at the Georgian Theatre in Richmond, North Yorkshire.
Rob Benson, the singer, danced and dressed more like Mick Jagger but did do a great job of sounding like Marc and the acoustic section at the start of the second half was excellent. Apparently he saw the band and said he was a huge Bolan fan, could sing like Marc and wanted to join (the rest is history etc etc).
They did not try to look like T.Rex, looking more like what they probably were, failed ex members of bands and session musicians. Nothing wrong with that and the drummer, Paul Fenton, had at least played on a T.Rex album (Zinc Alloy) and toured with them.
They started out as Mickey Finn's T.Rex (conga player in T.Rex after Steve Took), and l am not keen on the fact they use the T.Rex name so prominently now, even though it has "a celebration of Marc and Mickey underneath". Personally l think they should make it obvious they are a tribute band, like others do, as there are some sad bastards out there who will think it is just the original band without Marc.
They also featured Graham Oliver, one of the guitarists from Saxon (Wheels of Steel etc) who had a tendency to rock out a bit - it was stereotypical rock guitarist behaviour, down at the front (of a very small stage in an intimate old theatre). Although he can obviously play well, it spoiled it for me as it distracted from the T.Rex vibe, although some of the numbers sounded better a bit speeded up and rocky ( Bolan himself liked to "rock out"- maaaann!).
It was just too much for me, even though l love loud and rocky music as much as the next man. The woman l was with thought it was the best bit of the night as she is a bit of a rock chick and only knew a few Bolan songs.
Funny how some songs get better after a while. l thought Solid Gold Easy Action/20th Century Boy etc were not as good as Bolans earlier stuff at the time, but now love them just as much. The Groover has got better and l now like Teenage Dream, although when l was a kid, l skivved off school to go and buy it on the day of release, clutching it to my bosom in anticipation all the way home from Wallingford ( a walk of about three miles to RAF Benson, where l was living at the time). The disappointment l felt when l first heard it was all consuming and l vowed never to waste my money on a Bolan record ever again. Having the day off school didn't even compensate. Concentrated on Status Quo and Deep Purple after that (told you l like rock music!).
l won't dwell on Truck on Tyke as l still despise that bloody record.
Anyway - l digress. Check out the bands website and try to catch them live - well worth the effort if you are a Bolan fan. Toodle pip!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Betting and the Arsenal

Put on my first accumulator bet last night, Arsenal let me down as they won but l got all the other results right - bastards! Going to put them on now and again and lets hope it makes me rich. Tam the barman from the local had put one on last weekend with some other lads, got 27 out of 28 right and would have won £10 million aprox. Once again it was Arsenal that let them down, only drawing with Aston Villa. l think l am detecting a pattern. Never trust the Arsenal. Toodle pip

Monday, 3 March 2008

United for the league - come on !!

Great weekend even with Arsenal scoring in injury time ( jammy bastards ). United walked it against Fulham with Ronaldo and Rooney on the bench. l think Arsenal will bottle it but l do think Chelsea are still in with a shout. Lyon Tuesday, hope it's a good one. Prediction from me is 3-1 to United. Toodle pip