Friday, 29 February 2008

Obsessive Hoarders

Just seen a programme about obsessive hoarders, featuring three men and one woman. One man kept thousands of bikes and bike parts and another even kept his own waste. All were loners with some mental problems ( l guess you'd have to have some to save your own waste! ). The most common aspect is relationships of whatever kind have broken down and the items become like friends or security blankets, where the interaction can be with them instead of other humans.

Thing is, it's such a fine line between becoming obsessive and just collecting things. l have thousands of cds, records, comics, books, dvds etc that l will never get round to playing/reading again. Some of the items l love and just like having around to look at ( although they are stored away for when l do want to look at them ). lt's easy to become way too attached to them and not bother going out. l enjoy my own company and can while away hours doing nothing special but love going out and there has to be a compromise between the two. Been talking about getting rid of some items recently, too much clutter, not enough room etc and the programme has shown me how l could end up if l don't do something soon. Time for a clear out! Toodle pip

Why is life so crap ?

What a day - been consoling two people who have been having trouble in their workplaces. Both feel victimised and are losing their self confidence. Both crying, both wanting to quit work as they don't know who to trust or how to deal with it. Obviously there are worse things that could happen, but some people just have such crap lives. Not enjoying work, home life a mess, husbands they want to leave but no-where to go, crappy things happening to them when they were younger and nothing better on the horizon.

That's why people should make the best of life when they get the chance. l don't think we will get another go at it so enjoy what you can. lt could all end tomorrow and l for one would rather be jobless and homeless than stuck in the sort of shit lives they are leading ( although l didn't suggest that to them ). ln case you are wondering, l have been homeless before and although it was crap, it was better than what they have. Simple thoughts from a simple man. Toodle pip!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Bob Dylan radio shows

Getting to grips with this so here is a link to the Dylan Theme Time shows and the excellent service Patrick provides : Toodle pip !